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Man of Steel EOTD

By cristalena56 · May 28, 2013

This past weekend was the Annual Phoenix Comicon indowntown phoenix at the convention center. My hubbyand I go every year. We are hoping to one of these days goto the San Diego one. (This one is super hard to get tickets for!!)

I decided for the first day I would wear a Superman look and wear my superman shirt complete with cape. lol I got it for like $8.00 last year at wal-mart of all places. I thought it would be good since the new Superman movie is coming out next week. The sexy Henry Cavill (Count of Monte Cristo, Tudors, Immortals, etc...) is the new "Man of Steel". <3 Haha This makes me think way back to the MSN Chat days and he was actually a contact on my MSN Messenger. He had added me but I could never get up the guts to actually message him. The only thing he had been in at the time was a couple british stuff and the Count of Monte Cristo. I think I made one of his first fan pages. lol 

A couple weeks ago BFTE came out with a new pro color, Shine Bright. It was the color of the week 3 weeks ago and i've yet to see it on the website in the pro colors section. Its a bright sunny yellow with silver shimmer. I thought it would be perfect to use for my superman look. The blue I used didnt show up well in the pictures. Also I should have added a blue to my waterline to complete the look. (I would have used either my Cargo Swimmable Blue or UD Radium) 

Items Used:
*Urban Decay Primer Potion Eden
*NYX Yellow Pencil Liner
*BFTE Shine Bright
*BFTE Electric
*BFTE Meteor Shower
*BFTE Addicted
*BFTE Crystal
*Eye Kandy Cosmetics Liquid Sugar
*Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers Confetti Glitter
*Elf Black Cream Liner

<a target="_blank" href="http://media3.onsugar.com/files/2013/05/28/297/n/11329888/c062fb8bce02b4ba_bftesupermanmu.jpg">Shine Bright, Addicted, Electric, Meteor Shower, Crystal

</a>Shine Bright, Addicted, Electric, Meteor Shower, Crystal

</p> <p>*Primer (UDPP Eden)
*Apply Cut Crease with Blue Shadow (BFTE Electric)
*Blend with Sparkly Grayish Black Shadow (BFTE Meteor Shower)
*Fill in lid with Yellow Base. (NYX Yellow Pencil Liner)
*Apply Yellow Shadow to Lid. (BFTE Shine Bright)
*Apply Red Shadow to Lower Lashline. (BFTE Addicted)
*Using a Glitter Adhesive (Eye Kandy Cosmetics Liquid Sugar) Apply a line of sparkly glitter (Fantasy Makers Confetti) where the yellow and blue meet. Starting 2/3 of the way in and making it to the outer corner. Fill in the corner with a little more glitter.
*Highlighted with Shiny White Shadow. (BFTE Crystal)
*Apply Black liner. (ELF Black Cream Liner)
*2 Coats of Mascara (Maybelline Falsies)
*You could finish the look applying a Blue Liner to the waterline and using false lashes.</p>

<a target="_blank" href="http://www.bftecosmetics.com/Limited_c_60.html">

</a>You can find all the colors I used at the BFTE Cosmetics Website. Samples are $2.00 and Full Size are $6.00. Its the same price whether its a pro color or not. A good way to try out their shadows is by ordering the Color of the Week Special. (Full Size COTW and 3 Samples of your Choice)

Notes: I didnt realize Leesha (XSPARKAGE) was at the comicon all weekend. I think I saw her once because I remember thinking to myself, that girl looks like Leesha. I would have totally gotten a pic with her, if I had seen her and realized it was her. She's the reason i'm into all these bright colors and just makeup in general. 


Christmas Holly - Christmas Eye Look

By cristalena56 · November 27, 2012
I think this look is going to be my look for Christmas Day. I couldnt decide if I should draw 1 or 2 holly berries (1 at each eye). My hubby said just one, so that is all I did. My silver is being discontinued, Aperture Laboratories. Pick yours up at Shiro Cosmetics before its gone. :)</p> <p></p> <p>Items Used:
*Shiro Cosmetics Aperture Laboratories
*TBN Metallic Merlot
*TBN Shamrock
*TBN Smoked Silver
*TBN Steal the Night
*Essence Smudge Proof Liquid Eye Pen
*TheBalm Body Builder Mascara
Holly Berry:
*Jordana Fabuliner
*MAC Undercurrent Pearlglide Liner
*TBN Siren
*LA Splash Red Glitter
*TBN Green Glitter</p>

<a target="_blank" href="http://media4.onsugar.com/files/2012/11/48/2/1132/11329888/860b8850e0969b65_tbnholly10a.jpg">

</a><a target="_blank" href="http://media4.onsugar.com/files/2012/11/48/2/1132/11329888/860b8850e0969b65_tbnholly10a.jpg">


<a target="_blank" href="http://media3.onsugar.com/files/2012/11/48/2/1132/11329888/3b44bf4c3f5d56bb_tbnholly23a.jpg">

</a>*Primer (Elf)
*Applied WnW White Coloricon Pencil to Lid.
*Blended it out with fingers.
*Patted Aperture Laboratories onto lid and inner corner of lower lashline. (Ecotools Shadow Brush)
*Applied Metallic Merlot to crease. (Crown Brush Bullet Crease)
*Applied Shamrock to the middle of the crease. (CB Mini Smudger Brush)
*Applied Steal the Night to Lower Crease. (CB Mini Smudger Brush)
*Applied Smoked Silver over Black. (Elf Lip Brush)
*Smudged Metallic Merlot to Lower lashline. (Mini Smudger)
*Smudged Smoke Silver and Shamrock over Metallic Merlot. (Mini Smudger)
*Lined eyes with eyeliner pen. (essense smudge proof)
*2 Coats of Mascara (The Balm Body Builder Mascara)

Holly Berry:
*Drew the Holly Berry with Jordana Fabuliner.
*Filled in leaves with MAC Undercurrent (Green with gold eyeliner. UD Junkie would work too.)
*Filled in Berries with Siren.
*Dabbed LA Splash Primer to leaves and berries.
*Applied Green Glitter to Leaves and LA Splash Red Glitter to Berries.
*Finished off the look with Mirenesse Lip Bomb 2 on Lips.

<p>Let Me Know What You Think of This Look!! Thanks for Stopping By!! :)

Before Bedtime Play - Sugar Skull

By cristalena56 · October 27, 2012


So I was looking at my facebook page last night and saw TheDailyGlamour had done a Sugar Skull look and I decided to play with some makeup before bed and do my own Sugar Skull look. I dont have advanced skills so I decided to do a more simpler one. I have seen Sugar Skulls has been a huge craze throughout the makeup community. In the past year we have gotten quite a few sugar skull items at work as well. 

I had trouble applying the white makeup. All I had on hand was a couple white makeup items i bought from walmart for like a dollar or 2. If you have dry skin like me, I dont recommend them. I saw a white powder at Spirit Halloween today for $3.99 that I almost bought though. My allergies have been acting up lately so my makeup started to fade away underneath my eyes. This isn't the best but decided to share it anyways. My hair is a mess because like I said in the title I did this look right before I went to bed.

Items Used:

*Wet n Wild Coloricon Pencil in Black

*Lime Crime China Doll Palette

*Essence Smudgeproof Eyeliner Pen

*Revlon CustomEyes Palette

*Urban Decay 24/7 Liner in Woodstock and Radium

*White Cream makeup from Walmart for 99 cents

*Mirenesse Lip Bomb in shade 2 (Awesome Red from October Glam Bag)


Heres some pics of Sugar Skull looks from fellow beauty bloggers I follow (theres are a million times better then mine.):

The Daily Glamour

Brittany Couture

Sarah Chambers Makeup Design

Monroe Misfit Makeup

Wet n Wild Fergie Eye Kits

By cristalena56 · August 26, 2012

My friend I was taking home from work needed to goto Walgreens to return her redbox movies. While she was doing that I decided to look around to see what special collections they have. Was wondering if there was anything new. First we found a display of the new WnW Fergie nail polishes, but majority of them were gone. When we were leaving the store, we happened to walk through an aisle and spotted these WnW Fergie make up kits, $7.99 each.

Each set includes:

*eye shadow quad

*coloricon shimmer eye pencil

*mega eyes liquid liner


*brow comb/brush

*eye shadow brush

Did some quick swatches. The displays had the shadows to sample. I dont know if these are exclusive to walgreens or if they are limited edition. Im wanting the Fergie Ferg Fresh collection when i get paid on friday. Hopefully its still there then. They had 2 full displays(4 total of each set). I didnt take a pic of the inside but you can see some pics at Nouveau Cheap. The Glamour Eyes collection sparkles in the sunlight. The white shadow reminded me of Urban Decay Polyester Bride. Anybody tried these yet?? Wondering about the staying power and how well they apply to the eyes.

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Choco Pistachio - Makeup Bee Chocolat Donna Fantasy Entry

By cristalena56 · August 16, 2012

Shu Uemura and Makeup Bee have teamed up for a new competition to promote their new Chocolat Donna Collection. The contest is to come up with looks based on their new collection for the fall. Theres been some stand out looks so far. I really love this one

My look I did was based on their Orange and Pistachio Palette. The colors reminded me of Ice Cream, so i even did a ice cream cone but failed miserably. Based on names of other fellow entries, they thought of ice cream as well. I did this look a few times because my eye liner kept running because my eyes kept watering. I bought a new angled eye liner and used a cream eye liner and it worked out better. I also did the look without eyeliner. 

Items Used:

*NYX Jumbo Pencil Milk

*Coastal Scents 88 Palette- Peach, Olive Green, and Brown

*Wet n Wild Silent Treatment

*Wet n Wild Cool as a Cucumber

*Wet n Wild Sweet as Candy

*Tarte Lights Camera Lashes

*Studio Gear Lipstick Very Hot Cocoa from May Glam Bag

Now with Eyeliner:

*First applied NYX HD Primer

*Then NYX milk to lid and crease.

*smoothed it out with fingers.

*applied peach shade from 88 Original Palette to lid.

*I then went over it with the peach shade from Wet n Wild Silent Treatment Coloricon Trio.

*Next I applied the light Olive green from 88 Original Palette to Crease.

*Went over it with Light Green shade from Wet n Wild Cool as a Cucumber Coloricon Trio.

*Next i applied the brown shade from 88 original palette above the green.

*Highlighted with cream shade from Wet n Wild Sweet as Candy Palette.

*Lined eyes with black eyeliner.

*Applied Tarte Mascara


Let me know what you think. I'm not as artistic as others but if you can be so kind and vote for my look here, much would be appreciated!!!


Heres the Ice Cream Cone Fail:

Also made an entry for this here.




How to enter

  • Create a look inspired by chocolat-donna collection that you would wear this fall
  • Click the "Post a Look" button
  • On the post a look page select the competition you are adding the look to
  • Make sure you add at least 1 product you used to create the look
  • Make sure you that you tag 3 products that inspired you from the chocolat-donna collection.
  • Like shu uemura on facebook Click Here to Like


1st Prize - worth $465:

  • 450ml ultime8 cleansing oil $90
  • 3 eyeshadow palettes $225
  • 1 glow on blush palette (with 2 shades) $50
  • 1 limited edition eye lash curler $25
  • 1 ultimate natural mascara $25
  • 1 rouge unlimited lipstick (current collection) $30
  • 1 pair false lashes $20

2nd Prize - worth $300:

  • 150ml ultime8 cleansing oil $40
  • 2 eyeshdow palettes $150
  • 1 glow on blush palette (with 2 shades) $50
  • 1 limited edition eye lash curler $25
  • 1 ultimate natural mascara $25

3rd Prize - worth $215

  • 150 ml ultime8 cleansing oil $40
  • 1 eye shadow palette $75
  • 1 glow on blush (one shade) $50
  • 1 limited edition eye lash curler $25
  • 1 ultimate natural mascara $25

Winners will be announced when the contest ends (09/02/2012).




E.L.F. Ocean View Eye Look

By cristalena56 · July 25, 2012

This eye look was inspired by the pic above. I had saved this photo when i was looking up tropical pictures. I plan on doing another variation but this is what i came up with so far.

Items Used:

*Elf Classic Palette

*Wet n Wild Coloricon Shimmer Pencil in Blue

*NYX Jumbo Pencil Milk

*Beauty From the Earth Lemon

*MAC Eye Liner in Undercurrent

*Tarte Lights Camera Lashes


*As always i started with NYX HD Shadow Primer

*Next I applied NYX Milk to my lid

*Then i applied Wet n Wild Shimmer Pencil Blue to my crease.

*I applied Urban Decay White Rabbit to lid.

*Next I applied BFTE Lemon to inner third of the crease.

*Next I applied ELF Shade B to the Middle 1/3 of crease


*Then I applied ELF Shade C to the outer 1/3 of crease and going diagonally down to the lashes.


*Next i applied ELF Shade A to the lid.

*Lined my eyes with MAC Eye Liner Undercurrent

*Then applied Tarte Mascara

Let me know what you think in the comments below!! :) Have a beautiful day!! :)


Avengers - Iron Man Make Up Look 2

By cristalena56 · May 4, 2012

I decided to make another look because i found that my Glamour Doll Eyes sample of Lover's Lane was the perfect red for an Iron Man Look. So i was just fiddling around and came up with this look.

Items Used:

*88 Original Shimmer Palette(bright red for eyes and a gold color for eye brows)

*Glamour Doll Eyes Lover's Lane

*MAC Melon Pigment

*NYX Shadow Base White

*LA Splash Red Glitter

*TBN Steal the Night (Matte Black)

*Maybelline Master Precise Liquid Eye Pen

*Maybelline One by One Mascara

*Applied NYX HD Shadow Base

*Applied Bright red to the crease to shape eye.

*Then I went over the top of it with GDE Lovers Lane.

*Applied red glitter to bright red.

*Next i applied NYX Shadow Base White to lid with a brush.

*Next I applied MAC Melon to the lid.

*Went over it with a gold color from the 88 Shimmer Palette.

*Next I applied Steal the Night to lower lashline.

*Went over it with Lovers Lane.

*Lined top lashline with Maybelline Master Precise.

*2 coats of Maybelline One by One Mascara

*With a brush I filled in my brows with a Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers Red Cream Pencil.

*Went over it with a Gold color from the 88 Shimmer Palette.

Avengers - Captain America Look 1

By cristalena56 · May 1, 2012

This particular look I did yesterday but I did another tonight when i got an idea for another look when i saw a Captain America toy at work. I think this one i posting now is better then the fail i posted earlier today. My hubby however said when i was doing this look last night "why are you trying to look scary and look like a monster??" Let me know what you think. :)


Items Used:

*88 Original Palette (Red)

*E.L.F. 100 Pc Palette (Blue and White)

*NYX Shadow Base White

*WnW Fantasy Maker Confetti Glitter

*LA Splash Eye Shadow Sealer/Base

*Maybelline Master Precise Liquid Eye Pen

*Maybelline One by One Mascara

*Revlon Just Bitten Lipstain in Flame

*I first applied NYX HD Shadow Base Primer.

*Applied NYX Shadow Base white from, lid to crease. I left a corner of the outer lid/crease without product so i could make the star.

*I then applied the red shadow from the 88 palette to my lid.

*Next the blue from the Elf 100 palette to the crease.

*Next i take the NYX White Shadow Base and draw a star in the outer corner.

*Next i apply the LA Splash Sealer/Base to the whole star.

*I then took a small brush and dotted on the Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers Confetti Glitter.

*Next I filled in the brow bone with NYX White Shadow base and cover with white matte shadow from the ELF 100 Pc Palette.

*Next i applied red shadow to my lower lashline.

*I lined my eyes with Maybelline Master Precise Liquid Eye Pen.

*Apply Mascara

*To finish the look i applied the red shadow to my eyebrow.

Avengers - Captain America Fail Makeup Look

By cristalena56 · April 30, 2012

So i finally had time to sit down and work on my final look for my avengers series. I wanted to be a little more artistic with this look but it wasnt working. I wanted to try to draw the shield on my eye lid but i couldnt get the star right and blue circle its in the middle of. I dont know how many times and ways i tried but just didnt work. So i scrapped the idea. I came across some red glitter I had so decided to use that. This is also the first time i ever colored my eyebrows.

Items Used:

*88 Original Palette

*NYX Shadow Base in White

*Cargo Swimmable Eye Liner in Blue

*LA Splash Red Glitter(ill add the actual name later)

*Maybelline Master Precise Liquid Eye Pen

*Maybelline One by One Mascara

*Wet n Wild Coloricon White Shadow

*I first applied NYX HD Shadow Base

*Cargo Swimmable Blue to my lid.

*NYX Shadow Base White from crease to the browbone.

*Next I dipped my brush into the 2 blues and applied it to my lid.

*Next i dipped my brush into all 3 reds and applied to my crease.

*Next i applied LA Splash Shadow Sealer/Base to my crease.

*Applied the LA Splash Red Glitter to my crease.

*Next I applied the Wet n Wild Coloricon White shadow to my brow bone.

*applied red to my lowerlashline

*Cargo Swimmable Blue to my waterline

*Lined my upper lashline with Maybelline Master Precise Liquid Eye Pen.

*Applied Maybelline One by One Mascara

*Then I filled my eyebrows with the Cargo Swimmable Blue

Avengers - Black Widow Makeup Look

By cristalena56 · April 16, 2012

Next up in my Avengers series we have Black Widow. I was inspired by the makeup Scarlett Johansson was wearing in Iron Man 2. I paused the movie when their was a close up of her when she was at Hammer's Lab(???) trying to hack into the Ironman suit Rhodes was wearing. I saw she had a shiny white in the inner corner, and gray all over the lid, with a shiny white highlight. It looked bare on the lower lashes but her eye was line with a charcoal black.

Items Used:


*88 Original Palette

*Glamour Dolls Cloud Coverage

*Urban Decay Loose Shadow in Yeyo

*Wet n Wild Coloricon Pencil in Charcoal

*Kiss Fake Lashes

*Maybelline Volume Express One by One Mascara

*Maybelline Master Precise Liquid Eye Pen


*MAC Mineralize Satin Finish

*Physicians Formula Natural Powder Blush in Poppy


*NYX Color Lip Balm in Grazie

*NYC Ultra Moist Lip Wear in Dubonnet

You can see that im not very good at putting fake lashes on and no matter what eye liner i tried to use i couldnt get it to go on right or cover to make the fake lashes line blend in..

*I started out by using NYX HD Eye Shadow Base

*Next I took WnW Charcoal and Drew a line to shape my eye for the gray shadow.

*I then filled it in and smudged it with a shadow brush.

*Next I applied Glamour Dolls Cloud Coverage to the inner corner of lid.

*Then patted on top UD Yeyo.

*Next I took the gray from the 88 Palette that was a close match to the gray the comic book character wore and patted it on to the rest of my lid, filling in where i had lined my eye.

*Next I took a lighter gray and patted it on top because in the movie the gray seemed to be a little lighter.

*Next I took my brush and dipped it into Cloud Coverage and Yeyo and applied it as a highlight.

*I then lined my upper lashline with Master Precise and winged it out a bit.

*Next I applied my Mascara.

*Then I applied the fake lashes to complete the look.

*I decided i didnt like the fake lashes because im not very good at applying them. So i took them off and just reapplied my liner.

Notes: Next time i think I will just use Yeyo as a highlight and leave out the Cloud Coverage. I however would still use Cloud Coverage in the inner corner of the lid. I hope you liked my look and don't forget to COMMENT/SUBSCRIBE!! :) Thanks for visiting!! I cant believe I already have 12 followers on Hello Cotton!! Awesome!! :)

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