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We're Off to See the Wizard.....The Great and Powerful...

By cristalena56 · January 19, 2013
</p> <p>I decided to use some of my new BFTE colors once again and the colors just reminded me of the wizard of oz. I kept thinking after I applied the yellow, "Follow the Yellow Brick Road.." Then the green made me think of emerald city. Reminded me of the  new movie coming out. Anyone else can't wait to see this?? I hope i'm not disappointed.</p>

Can Mila be any prettier?? ugh.. lol
And James Franco... <3 </p>

A fan on my fb page said my look reminded her of a modern wicked witch. I recreated the look once I got home and its why only one eye is done. Went a little to crazy with the black. :p</p> <p>

Items Used:</p>

BFTE Cosmetics Okul
BFTE Cosmetics Green Apple
BFTE Cosmetics Walking on Water
BFTE Cosmetics Hydrobius
Mon Ennui Hyperbole Blue
TBN Steal the Night
UD 24/7 Liner Zero
NYX Jumbo Pencil Milk
Elf Liquid Liner
The Balm Body Builder Mascara
Shiro Cosmetics Why Not Zoidberg? on Lips

<strong><span><a target="_blank" href="http://media2.onsugar.com/files/2013/01/03/6/1132/11329888/c0a94161b6a42783_cutcrease15a.jpg">

</a><a target="_blank" href="http://media2.onsugar.com/files/2013/01/03/6/1132/11329888/c0a94161b6a42783_cutcrease15a.jpg">

</p> <p></p> <p></p> <p>*Applied Primer (Elf)
*Did a cut crease with black liner. (UD 24/7 Liner Zero)
*Blended Black Shadow into the Liner. (TBN Steal the Night)
*Filled in lid with white base. (NYX Jumbo Pencil Milk)
*Applied a Lemon Yellow shadow to inner 1/3 of lid. (BFTE Okul)
*Blended in Grassy Green to the middle of lid. (BFTE Green Apple)
*Applied Teal shadow to outer 1/3 of lid. (BFTE Walking on Water)
*Blended Jade Blue shadow into crease. (BFTE Hydrobius)
*Applied color shifting Navy/Indigo/Purple Shadow to lower lashline. (Mon Ennui Hyperbole Blue)
*Applied Black liner. (Elf Liquid Liner)
*Light White Highlight (Elf)
*Coat of Mascara (The Balm Body Builder Mascara)</p>

Other Notes:

<p>Sad day.. Came home from work. Sat down to relax and opened up my netbook and I saw splotches on the screen. I realized there was a crack in it. Good thing though I bought a protection plan. But.. the original person who rung me up for my netbook added the wrong service plan. (Desktop Computer plan not Netbook) Luckily we called the store and I went in and they did a return exchange to give me the right plan. Now I need to call the service plan people again to file a claim. I thought I was going to have to pay extra to get the new plan because the paper said it should have been $59 not the $29 I paid. Well turns out they changed the prices of the plans and it was actually only $28. I got a whole dollar back, score!!. :) Im going to miss my netbook because I have a feeling Im going to have to mail it in to be fixed. :( What will I do with my time?? lol ;)


Purple and Silver EOTD

By cristalena56 · December 28, 2012

<span style="font-size: large;">This look I did for my last minute Christmas Shopping on Saturday. I also was wearing my Hat my hubby got for me. It's Vanity Smurf!! <3 We found it at walmart for $10. I couldnt believe it was of him, my favorite smurf. <3 I dont know why I always loved Vanity, but I always thought he was cute. Maybe its because my Mom always said to me "Vanity, Vanity, Vanity". She said this because I would look in mirrors or at a reflection on something to make sure my hair or face looked ok. lol I wasn't admiring myself. lol 

</span><span style="font-size: large;">Isn't it cute?? I get compliments on this hat everywere I go. :) I found it at their  site but it says In Stores Only. You can see if it's avalable though at your local store here.

</span>Items Used:
<span style="font-size: large;">*BFTE Sanibel (Pro Color)
*Mon Ennui Tequila Sunrise
*Avon Passionate For Eyes Perfect Tweed Palette

</span>*TBN Shimmers Gold
*TBN Silver Glitter
*UD 24/7 Liner Perversion
*UD 24/7 Liner Ransom
*NYX Jumbo Pencil Milk
*The Balm Body Builder Mascara<span style="font-size: large;">

<a target="_blank" href="http://media3.onsugar.com/files/2012/12/52/5/1132/11329888/8294bdce178ff64b_sparkle2b.jpg">

</a><a target="_blank" href="http://media3.onsugar.com/files/2012/12/52/5/1132/11329888/624608ba7fdbf4ed_sparkle10a.jpg">

</a><a target="_blank" href="http://media3.onsugar.com/files/2012/12/52/5/1132/11329888/624608ba7fdbf4ed_sparkle10a.jpg">

</a><a target="_blank" href="http://media2.onsugar.com/files/2012/12/52/5/1132/11329888/bbc1c417e360ec68_sparkle6a.jpg">

</a></span>*Started by using a Eye Primer. (ELF)
*Applied White Base to Lid. (NYX Jumbo Pencil Milk)
*Smoothed out with fingers.
*Applied Sparkly Purplish Pink shade to Lid and lower lashline. (BFTE Sanibel)
*Applied Orange-Gold shade to crease. (Mon Ennui Tequila Sunrise)
*Applied Plum Purple Shade to crease over TS and rounding out to lowerlashline. (Avon Perfect Tweed Palette)
*Applied Glitter Glue to Lid. (LA Splash)
*Patted on Silver Glitter. (TBN Silver Glitter)
*Applied a little more Plum Purple and Tequila Sunrise to crease.
*Highlighted with Shimmery Gold Shade. (TBN Shimmers Gold)
*Applied Black Liner. (UD 24/7 Perversion Liner)
*Applied 2 coats of Mascara. (The Balm Body Builder)
*Applied Purple Liner to waterline. (UD 24/7 Ransom Liner)

Hope you like it!! <3

Off-Topic Notes:
So hope everyone got what they wanted for Christmas. I got a External Hard Drive so I can store my Pictures for my blog. :) Which is Awesome!! Also got a Ulta Gift card that I cant wait to use along with some DVDs/Blu Rays (Brave in 3D!!! :D I finally got to watch it and it was super cute. Also my hubby got me a Snorks DVD and Care Bears Original Series Collection set. <3), Fuzzy Pajamas, Money, Hello Kitty Stuff, Makeup Bags, and Candy. With some christmas money so far I bought a snapware storage thingy for some makeup, the Bare Minerals Fresh and Fabulous Set (was on sale for $19 and I had a 20% off coupon on top of that. :D), and a couple of NYX Liners. :)


All That Glitters is Gold

By cristalena56 · December 13, 2012
This was the 2nd look I did. Its ok I guess. My eyeliner wasnt working with me. I dont know why but my liners arent wanting to apply well lately. I guess it doesnt help that my eyes water a lot. I found that everytime I use the Be a Bombshell Liner I got from one of my recent glam bags that my eye waters a lot and crusts up which is really gross. So I cant recommend this liner to my fellow people with sensitive eyes. </p>

Items Used:
*BH Cosmetics 120 Palette 2nd Edition

*Be a Bombshell Eyeliner Pen
*The Balm Body Builder Mascara

<a target="_blank" href="http://media3.onsugar.com/files/2012/12/50/4/1132/11329888/d4d745d2d2c5a78b_goldy16a.jpg">

<p></a>*First Applied Primer (Elf Shadow Primer)
*Applied Shade A to inner half of lid.
*Applied Shade B to outer half of lid.
*Applied Shade C to crease.
*Applied Shade D to upper crease and rounded down to outer corner of lower lashline.
*Then starting in the inner corner of lower lashline applied Shade A, then B, and then C.
*Lined eyes with Black Liner (Be a Bombshell)
*Applied 2 coats of Mascara (The Balm Body Builder Mascara)</p>

This shows this look next to my Christmas Party Look. Changed my lips to NYX Pure Red with NYX Razzle Dazzle.


Christmas Holly - Christmas Eye Look

By cristalena56 · November 27, 2012
I think this look is going to be my look for Christmas Day. I couldnt decide if I should draw 1 or 2 holly berries (1 at each eye). My hubby said just one, so that is all I did. My silver is being discontinued, Aperture Laboratories. Pick yours up at Shiro Cosmetics before its gone. :)</p> <p></p> <p>Items Used:
*Shiro Cosmetics Aperture Laboratories
*TBN Metallic Merlot
*TBN Shamrock
*TBN Smoked Silver
*TBN Steal the Night
*Essence Smudge Proof Liquid Eye Pen
*TheBalm Body Builder Mascara
Holly Berry:
*Jordana Fabuliner
*MAC Undercurrent Pearlglide Liner
*TBN Siren
*LA Splash Red Glitter
*TBN Green Glitter</p>

<a target="_blank" href="http://media4.onsugar.com/files/2012/11/48/2/1132/11329888/860b8850e0969b65_tbnholly10a.jpg">

</a><a target="_blank" href="http://media4.onsugar.com/files/2012/11/48/2/1132/11329888/860b8850e0969b65_tbnholly10a.jpg">


<a target="_blank" href="http://media3.onsugar.com/files/2012/11/48/2/1132/11329888/3b44bf4c3f5d56bb_tbnholly23a.jpg">

</a>*Primer (Elf)
*Applied WnW White Coloricon Pencil to Lid.
*Blended it out with fingers.
*Patted Aperture Laboratories onto lid and inner corner of lower lashline. (Ecotools Shadow Brush)
*Applied Metallic Merlot to crease. (Crown Brush Bullet Crease)
*Applied Shamrock to the middle of the crease. (CB Mini Smudger Brush)
*Applied Steal the Night to Lower Crease. (CB Mini Smudger Brush)
*Applied Smoked Silver over Black. (Elf Lip Brush)
*Smudged Metallic Merlot to Lower lashline. (Mini Smudger)
*Smudged Smoke Silver and Shamrock over Metallic Merlot. (Mini Smudger)
*Lined eyes with eyeliner pen. (essense smudge proof)
*2 Coats of Mascara (The Balm Body Builder Mascara)

Holly Berry:
*Drew the Holly Berry with Jordana Fabuliner.
*Filled in leaves with MAC Undercurrent (Green with gold eyeliner. UD Junkie would work too.)
*Filled in Berries with Siren.
*Dabbed LA Splash Primer to leaves and berries.
*Applied Green Glitter to Leaves and LA Splash Red Glitter to Berries.
*Finished off the look with Mirenesse Lip Bomb 2 on Lips.

<p>Let Me Know What You Think of This Look!! Thanks for Stopping By!! :)

My Glam Bag November 2012 - Party Perfect

By cristalena56 · November 17, 2012
I was excited about getting my bag, til it arrived. Its an ok bag. Its not that the products are bad, just didnt care for the color selection. Last month they started with the customization bags by the answers you gave for the beauty quiz. This month they did not, but one of the products you either got a brow gel or mascara. It seemed that the US subscribers got the brow gel and the Canadian Subscribers got the mascara.

The infamous pink envelope. :p

Came in a shiny brown bag this month.</p>

Card showing contents of the bag. This month 1 of the products you got 1 of 2 products (mascara or brow gel).

Got 5 products this month. (my shadow is missing from the pic..)

Edit: Found Pic of All Products

1 coat3 coats

<p>Product: Nailtini
 Nail Lacquer in Millionaire
Description: Introducing Millionaire nail lacquer from the new Nailtini "Speakeasy" Collection chosen specifically for the ipsy community. Millionaire spikes a base of rose gold micro-glitter with iridescent gold and teal tinsels for statement-making nails, whether worn alone or as a dazzling special-effect topcoat. The only line of lacquer developed to maximize the creativity of the user by "cocktailing" different shades, Nailtini serves up endless color possibilities with amazing performance, hip sensibility and tongue-in-cheek attitude. Always 3-free, made in the USA and never tested on animals.
Size: Full Size
Value: $13.00
Where to Buy: www.tinibeauty.com</p>

<p>Product: TheBalm 
Meet Matt(e) eyeshadow Palette
Description: Matt Batali is just one of the nine shadows found in theBalm's Meet Matte(e) compact palette (named after their favorite Matthews next door) which can be combined to create a multitude of soft and wearable looks. Matt Batali leaves a dark, matte finish, perfect for creating a smokey eye.
Size: 9.5 grams (1 shadow of 9)
Value: $3.83
Where to Buy: www.theBalm.com
Price: $34.50</p>

Product: Chella Defining Eyebrow Gel
Description: This clear colored brow gel lifts and holds eyebrow hairs and grooms them into place. The application tool helps remove the guesswork. Use sparingly
Size: .12 Oz (Full size is .19 oz)
Value: $11.37
Where to Buy: www.chella.com
Price: $18.00

Product: bareMinerals Marvelous Moxie Lipgloss in Daredevil
Description: Unleash your inner moxie with a fabulously full, pillowy pout. The luscious marvelous Moxie lipgloss delivers vibrant sheer-to-medium color with a glistening mirror-like finish. Infused with natural ingredients, exotic oils, botanical extracts and antioxidants, the refreshing formula smoothes and hydrates lips for exceptional comfort without any stickiness or tackiness.
Size: 3.5 ml/0.07 Oz
Value: $14.00
Where to Buy: www.bareminerals.com
Price: $18.00 (4.5 ml/.15 oz)

Product: Starlet Intense Liner in Chocolate (others got black)
Description: These creamy eyeliner pencils glide on to deliver a lasting vibrant color in chocolate or black. Blend or line your lids to create your favorite glam look, whether a smoky eye or straight line wing tip.
Size: Full Size 1.5g
Value: $11.00
Where to Buy: www.starletcosmetics.com
I tried finding this on their website but all I found was just an eyeliner not the intense one. 

Quick Swatch of Products:

Thoughts: I was kind of meh on the color collection. Im not a gold nail polish color. You can tell in the pic it doesnt go with my skintone. I prefer silver. :p Black liner would have been better than brown since I only on a very rare occassion use brown. Brown shades make me look older so I usually stay clear of them. Wont see much use out of the brow gel either. The only thing I will end up using out of the whole bag is the lip gloss. I wont complain about getting only makeup products though. :p 
Total Value of Products: $53.20
Cost of Bag: $10.00
My Ipsy Profile: Cristalena56
Where to Subscribe: <span style="color: #0000ff;"><a href="http://www.ipsy.com/?refer=u-h051fxodme6n10q1" target="_blank"><span style="color: #0000ff;">www.ipsy.com

</a></span>Ever wondered how big the inside of the makeup bags are:
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