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Mulan Inspired

By cristalena56 · January 14, 2013


<span style="font-size: large;"><strong>Next up in my Disney Princess Series is Mulan. I love the movie Mulan. Can I have a dragon like mushu? <3 Who says girls cant kick some butt?? 

</strong></span>The colors I used were inspired by the picture above. I did some geisha pics during Halloween but the white makeup I used was awful and so my pictures didnt come out that great. I actually did this look back in September but never posted for some reason. I actually had to swatch my elf palette to know what colors I even used. The yellow in my waterline looks awful, sorry about that. (I didnt have a good yellow in my collection at the time.)

Ever wondered how pigmented the ELF 100 Pc Palette was?? These are swatched dry on my arm. Just rubbed my fingers slightly on colors for these quick swatches. 

Items Used:
*NYX Jumbo Pencil Milk
*Elf 100 Pc Palette
*Elf Studio Cream Liner in Black
*Revlon Customeyes Mascara

<span style="font-size: large;"><strong><a target="_blank" href="http://media3.onsugar.com/files/2013/01/03/1/1132/11329888/f497aeed101051ed_mulan35a.jpg">

</a>*Applied Primer. (NYX HD Primer)</strong></span>
*Applied white base to lid and crease. (NYX Jumbo Pencil Milk)
*Blended up into brow bone.
*Applied pale yellow to inner corner. (ELF)
*Then applied a pale green. (ELF)
*Blended in a pale blue next. (ELF)
*Then blended in a teal to finish the lid. (ELF)
*Applied a bright ocean blue to the crease. (ELF)
*Applied a maroonish purple to the lower lashline. (ELF)
*Lined eyes with black liner. (ELF Studio Cream Liner) 
*2 coats of mascara. (Revlon Customeyes)

<span style="font-size: large;"><strong><a target="_blank" href="http://media1.onsugar.com/files/2013/01/03/1/1132/11329888/fa38a7fca3c12bbe_mulan34.jpg">

</a>For giggles heres my geisha look.</strong></span>


Before Bedtime Play - Sugar Skull

By cristalena56 · October 27, 2012


So I was looking at my facebook page last night and saw TheDailyGlamour had done a Sugar Skull look and I decided to play with some makeup before bed and do my own Sugar Skull look. I dont have advanced skills so I decided to do a more simpler one. I have seen Sugar Skulls has been a huge craze throughout the makeup community. In the past year we have gotten quite a few sugar skull items at work as well. 

I had trouble applying the white makeup. All I had on hand was a couple white makeup items i bought from walmart for like a dollar or 2. If you have dry skin like me, I dont recommend them. I saw a white powder at Spirit Halloween today for $3.99 that I almost bought though. My allergies have been acting up lately so my makeup started to fade away underneath my eyes. This isn't the best but decided to share it anyways. My hair is a mess because like I said in the title I did this look right before I went to bed.

Items Used:

*Wet n Wild Coloricon Pencil in Black

*Lime Crime China Doll Palette

*Essence Smudgeproof Eyeliner Pen

*Revlon CustomEyes Palette

*Urban Decay 24/7 Liner in Woodstock and Radium

*White Cream makeup from Walmart for 99 cents

*Mirenesse Lip Bomb in shade 2 (Awesome Red from October Glam Bag)


Heres some pics of Sugar Skull looks from fellow beauty bloggers I follow (theres are a million times better then mine.):

The Daily Glamour

Brittany Couture

Sarah Chambers Makeup Design

Monroe Misfit Makeup

Shiro Cosmetics Oogie Got JACKed Eye Look

By cristalena56 · October 13, 2012

I just realized I hadnt posted my eye look I showed in my recent Shiro Cosmetics Haul Post. I did this look using all of the shadows from the 2012 Halloween Collection from Shiro Cosmetics. 

This was just a quick look I came up with to show how the halloween collection applies on the eyes. I like how it came out. I think I might wear this on Halloween when I goto the fair. :)

The collection is based on the Nightmare Before Christmas, hence the name of this look. I havent seen this movie in awhile. I should rewatch it. Im hoping to find a good deal on the 3D blu ray. It seems like a good one to watch in 3D. Anyone else getting excited for Halloween??

Trick or Treat..Smell My Feet..Give Me Something Good To Eat.. haha 

Items Used:


*Shiro Ragdoll

*Shiro Oogie Boogie

*Shiro Finkelstein

*Shiro Pumpkin King

*The Body Needs Hush Now Copper Glitter

*Elf Studio Black Cream Liner

*Revlon CustomEyes Mascara


*MAC Hello Kitty Tippy Blush


*Shiro Shinigami

*Jack Black Lip gloss

*Applied Eye Primer (Elf Shadow Primer)

*Applied Ragdoll to lid.

*Then applied Boogie Oogie to crease. 

*Blended Pumpkin King into the crease.

*Applied Finkelstein as a highlight.

*Applied LA Splash Shadow Sealer over Ragdoll.

*Applied BFTE No Hush Copper glitter to lid.

*Lined eyes with Elf Studio Black Cream Liner.

*Filled in brows with Rebellion

*2 coats of Mascara

*Applied Jack Black Lip Gloss to Lips.

*Patted on Shinigami

*Pressed lips together to mix gloss with pigment.

I paired this look with my new skull earrings.

I got these from Big Lots. It came with 5 other pairs of earrings for $4.


Heres a pic of the full size jars.

*Ragdoll - Rust Matte with Lilac and Blue Sparkles

*Pumpkin KingVery blackened copper packed with orange sparkles

*Finkelsteinultra-pale ghoulish green-yellow-grey with blue shimmer

*Oogie BoogieSwampy green-beige with a muted velvety finish


Hope you enjoyed this look.


Witch Hunt - Wed EOTD

By cristalena56 · October 12, 2012

So yesterday I decided to come up with a look using my new Beauty from the Earth colors I got in the mail over the weekend. I decided to do another Halloween eye look. This look makes me think of witches and frankenstein. I think it came out kind of meh, but decided to post anyway. 

I've been trying to do more blending with colors, but i need to practice more. I also have been trying to do cut creases like shown in the BowsandCurtseys Video(this one can be hard to load but plays fine on a ipod) and Glittergirlc Video. I need to practice where i place the original line because everytime the gradient effect comes just about to my eyebrow. Then theres way too much shadow on my upper eye. Then when i try to clean it up some, the shadow loses it effect. Yeah I need to practice practice practice. But I just started trying this out a few days ago though.

Items Used:

*BFTE Caribbean

*BFTE Vega

*BFTE Poison Ivy

*BFTE Mermaid

*BFTE Whisper

*BFTE Very Vanilla

*Shiro Finkelstein

*Shiro Rebellion

*NYX Liquid Liners in Extreme Purple and Glam Lagoon

*Revlon CustomEyes Mascara

*Applied Elf Primer first.

*Applied Vega to crease.

*Blended Caribbean to the top of Vega.

*Blended in Poison Ivy with the lower part of Vega.

*Then blended in some more Vega. 

*Applied some more Elf Primer to the lid.

*First I applied Mermaid, then whisper, and then Very Vanilla. 

*Applied a tiny bit more of Mermaid on top and then to inner corner of lower lashline.

*Applied Caribbean and Vega to lowerlashline.

*Applied 2 Coats of Glam Lagoon and then 1 coat of Extreme Purple. 

(You might have to wait a little bit through coats because it might sting a little if you have sensitive eyes like me but the stinging goes away all together after a minute or so.)

*1 Coat on setting 2 with CustomEyes Mascara and then 1 Coat with setting 1.


Side Note: The state fair is starting today (since its now friday my time). I can't wait!! I always look forward to the Arizona State Fair even though its the same every year. I find this state to be boring and not much to do, but I can look forward to this though every year. I cant wait for cotton candy, concerts, roasted corn, rides rides rides, playing games (trying to win something like a Hello Kitty Stuffed Animal), watching monster trucks and RVs run into each other, etc... Halloween is on a Wed and it happens to be the $2 day. So you now know where I will be that day. Deciding though if I want to dress up or not? I got a cute skull shirt from work and picked up some cute skull flip flops from Rue 21 today for a $1. Check out your local Rue 21 because when I was in there today I saw Clearance racks that took an additional 50% off, $3 Racks, $4 racks, and then they had 3 boxes of $1 Flip Flops which included double pairs for a $1. I was good and only got 2 shirts and 5 pairs of flip flops spending only $10 and change. 


Princess Blues - Eye Look of the Day

By cristalena56 · October 4, 2012

I decided to play with my new Hard Candy Feelin' Blue palette again yesterday. This is a pretty purple look. I wish the glitter I used showed up more in pics but thats ok. 

I couldnt figure out what to name this look. When i was taking pictures at one point I put on my princess crown I wore on my birthday. I then also put on my blue wig that I got for if we ever do any Liquid Ice Promotions. Our friends are distributers in Arizona for a Energy Drink from Minnesota thats made from natural ingredients. 

Recently I've seen on fellow blogger pages posts of pictures showing faces with no makeup or showing one side with makeup and one showing without. I decided to do the half makeup and half no makeup for this look. Im really scared though to post my pictures. lol I cant even go check the mail without putting some sort of face makeup on. Hopefully its not too scary..

Items Used:

*Hard Candy Top Ten Feelin' Blue Palette

*Shiro Cosmetics Twilight Realm

*NYX Jumbo Pencil Milk

*NYX Aqua Luxe Liquid Liner Glam Lagoon

*NYX Purple Glitter

*Revlon CustomEyes Mascara

*Applied Primer (ELf, I think my eyes are sensitive to the palladio one.)

*Applied NYX Milk to lid and creased.

*Smoothed out with fingers upto brow bone.

*Applied to crease shade B.

*Applied Shade C to top of crease.


*Applied Shade D to lower crease.


*Applied some more Shade B and blended.

*Applied Shade A to Lid and inner corner of lower lashline.

*Applied Shade B and D to the outer half of lower lashline.

*Applied NYX Purple Glitter to Lid.

*Highlighted with Shade D.

*Lined eyes with NYX Glam Lagoon.

*Applied Shiro Twilight Realm to Brows.

*2 Coats of Mascara

*applied MAC Tippy to Cheeks

*Used Tarte Lip Surgence in Enchanted and NYX Pure Red on Lips.



Let me know what you think. :)


I entered this in the makeupbe glam contest, please vote for me by clicking on the luv button, much is appreciated. 

Rock Candy Rainbow

By cristalena56 · October 2, 2012

So I decided to do a look using some of the new colors from my Hard Candy Top Ten Palette Feelin' Blue. Unfortunately all day my eyes have been watering. They were watering before I applied anything to my face this morning. I did a different look for work but it didnt come out that great lol I was inspired to do this look from a recent photo of Shrinkle the creator of Sugarpill cosmetics. I decided to recreate the look using products that I own. I need to save up some money to get the sugarpill palettes that ive been wanting for awhile. I think I might do this look for tomorrow and maybe tweek it a little bit. 

Items Used:

*Hard Candy Top Ten Feelin Blue

*BH Cosmetics 120 Palette 2nd Edition - Hot Pinks

*TBN Strawberry, Grape Soda, Dbomb Blue, Blanc, Siren, and Lemon

*Elf Studio Black Cream Liner

*Revlon Customeyes Mascara

I really need to get my brows waxed. :/ Im bad at plucking... I do like the brow wax sticker things though.

*Primer (Palladio)

*NYX Milk from lid to brow and smoothed out with fingers.

*Applied TBN Strawberry to Crease.

*Went over with some Hot Pinks from BH Cosmetics 120 Palette.

*Applied Grape Soda in lower crease.

*Drew a Cute Crease with Hard Candy Shade C.

*Applied Dbomb Blue to outer part of the cut crease and winged it down and filled it outer corner of lid.

*Applied Hard Candy Shade A to Lid.

*Applied Hard Candy Shade B to Outer half of lid.

*Applied Lemon to Lowerlashline.

*Applied Siren over it.

*Highlighted with TBN Blanc.

*Filled in brows with Grape Soda.

*Lined eyes with Elf Studio Cream Liner.

*2 Coats of Mascara

I decided to use my ELF HD Powder, yeah definitely a mistake.. Made my whole face flakey. 

Foundation Part 1 (drugstore)

By cristalena56 · September 6, 2012

So ive been on a lookout for a foundation that will work with my picky skin. I have dry, sensitive skin, with some redness on my cheeks. I also have cool undertones. I didnt use to have acne prone skin until the last couple years (my skin seems more sensitive now). The foundation ive been using for the past month my skin is totally rejecting it. I've never had a break out like this before ever. I broke out on cheeks, forehead, a cyst pimple on my chin, and even pimple on my nose. It makes me want to cry. I've been embarassed lately posting my face pics for my eye looks. Ive used quite a few different drugstore foundations in the past year, tried some samples from higher end foundations i got at the mall, and one i overheard a ulta worker suggesting to another customer.  This first post of 2 will be about the drugstore items I purchased.


My most recent purchase has been Maybelline Dream Mousse. I remember using this when it first came out, and now remember why I never bought it again.

Name: Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse

Description :  *Air-whipped liquid provides perfecting coverage for 100% poreless skin

*Ideal for normal skin

*Oil-free, fragrance-free,  Dermatologist-tested, allergy-tested, non-comedogenic – won’t clog pores, safe for sensitive skin

Shade Bought: Porcelain Ivory

Size: 1 oz.

Price:  $7.94 - $8.99

Where to Buy: Walmart, Target, Ulta, Walgreens, CVS

Makeup Alley Listing: Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse

My Thoughts:

Seems to have medium coverage when first applied but soon after everything it hid, reappears even with concealer. I find that it also leaves my face looking greasy and makes my skin more pink. Its definitely not long lasting through working. I work in the stock room at Ross and after even 4 hours of working, my foundation looks like it does when i go out dancing all night. I look like a hot mess when I come home. This product has also broke me out since i first started using it. My 2 pimples on my lower cheek have been there for almost a month and not gone down in size. My cyst pimple that i have had for 2 weeks finally stopped hurting and just now starting to go down. I also find this hard to remove. When i pump some on the back of my hand and wash the rest away with soap, residue is still left. I use a makeup removing cloth and then a sensitive skin facial cleanser to remove. 

Would I Repurchase: Never


Name: Rimmel London Lasting Finish 25 Hour

Description: Why 25 hours? Because you want your makeup to last as long as you do. Face it. Your day is stressful. Early mornings, late nights. And we all want our makeup to look fresh and feel comfortable all day long. Rimmel London introduces Lasting Finish 25 Hour Foundation, our first foundation that is sweat, heat, humidity and transfer-proof for up to a full 25 hours. The revolutionary formula, complete with a revitalizing mineral complex and moisturising aqua primer, helps to reenergise overworked skin. Feels hydrating all day. No sign of make up fatigue for up to a full 25 hours. It's time to demand more!

Shade Bought: Ivory 100

Size: 1 oz

Price: $5 - $7

Where to Buy: Walgreens, Walmart, CVS, Ulta, Target

Makeupalley Listing: Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 Hour Foundation

My Thoughts:

This is a very good product for dry skin types. Its very moisturizing and never flakes. Its a tiny bit to orange for me. I think you get the best application applying with your fingers vs a brush. It has good coverage but i use the Hard Candy Glamouflage concealer with it. It blends in really good too. The longest ive worn it was 12 hours, and it lasted with just a little fading. The only reason i stopped using was my face started breaking out into a little patches of millia. When i stopped using it they subsided. I dont recommend using this product if you have oily skin.  Another plus is that you won't break the bank purchasing this, even to try it out. I first tried it out for around $3 when walgreens had a sale on all their rimmel products earlier this year. 

Would I Repurchase: Yes


Name: Revlon Colorstay Normal to Dry

<strong style="font-size: large;">Description: Want makeup that is flawless and weightless for 24 perfect hours? Revlon has the solution - ColorStay™ Makeup.<mbr>
Specially formulated for normal or dry skin, this oil-free, moisture-balanced formula gives you flawless looking skin. 

Makeup looks fresh and feels great for up to 24 hours thanks to the lightweight, comfortable feel from the ColorStay™ Formula. 

Medium to full coverage, with SPF 15 protection*</mbr></strong>

Shade Bought: Ivory

Size: 1 oz

Price: $9-$13

Where to Buy: Walmart, Ulta, Target, Walgreens, CVS

Makeup Alley Listing: Revlon Colorstay Makeup

My Thoughts:

This always has rave reviews but i didnt like this foundation at all. I've purchased this item twice. Once years ago and then earlier this year. Its a good color match(though times it was a little to white) and has good coverage but it totally caked on my skin. It also made my skin flake a lot. I tried applying with fingers, brush, and sponge. I think this foundation would be good for more normal skin types not dry. It escentuates dry patches. If you have very dry skin i would stay clear of this. It started to break me out a little towards the end of using this product.

Would I Repurchase: No


Name: Neutrogena Healthy Skin Liquid Makeup

Description: Neutrogena Healthy Skin® liquid makeup takes over where your skin care leaves off. Silky-light coverage glides on for a perfectly natural look, while the exclusive blend plus SPF 20 work together to visibly improve skin's luminosity, tone, and texture.

*Flawless coverage, lightweight, silky formula
*Exclusive blend of antioxidants and SPF 20
*Maintains skin's young and healthy look

Shade Bought: Natural Ivory (they were out of classic)

Size: 1 oz

Price: $12 - $14

Where to Buy: Walmart, Walgreens, Target, Ulta, CVS

Makeup Alley Listing: Neutrogena Healthy Skin Liquid Makeup SPF 20

My Thoughts:

This made my face look really greasy.. You would of thought I had oily skin instead of dry. Color was a little to orange. It also stung my skin and made it red at times. The coverage seemed good when first applied but then started to escentuate any flaw in my skin. I went through this product quickly trying to get a buildable coverage. It also made me breakout. I think this product is also overpriced.  When pouring some product out you have to be careful since it has a thinner consisitency and can easily run out of the top of the bottle. I wish i could say i like this product, since i like dewy finishes, but i didnt like this. Oily skin types stay far away!!! I also used this during the winter months last year.

Would I Repurchase: probably not, though I might retry sometime in the future. Since ive read reviews where people had different experiences using this product when repurchased. 


Name: Maybelline Fit Me Foundation

SPF 18

Shade Bought: 110 and 115

Size: 1 oz

Price: $5-$7

Makeup Alley Listing: Maybelline Fit Me Foundation

My Thoughts:

I found 110 to be too white and hard to apply. 115 was a little too dark. I mixed a little bit of each together and got a good color match for my skin. I loved this foundation. I found it covered my redness and had good lasting power. I applied this foundation in the way INSIDEOUTBLACK suggested in  her video review of this foundation (i tried looking it up but says the video is now private). She applied using a stippling method with a stipple brush. The reason i stopped using is because it would stick to my skin and was hard to remove and because of that it made me start to breakout. i had to wash my hands a few times to get the residue off. I used the elf studio professional brush to apply and then i would pat the brush lines away with my fingers. This is for normal/dry skin types. It gives  a dewy finish, so oily skin types should avoid this foundation. This also has a bottle that pours out and the top gets messy really easily.  I found myself washing off the bottle every morning. I wish the bottle had a pump. :( I overall love this product and think its definitely reasonably priced. 

Would I repurchase: Yes


I hope I did ok doing a review of these. The ones i didnt like might work for you, I just can only state how these work for my skin type. I also tried out the Revlon Photoready foundation but forgot how the product worked for me and I cant find the bottle to retry it out. I just know i didnt use it very long. When I did use it i mixed it with another foundation.


I posted links to makeup alley that is a good site to go look up reviews for beauty products. your able to change the search settings on products to get reviews from people that have a similar skin type/shade and even age. 


Disclaimer: All these products were bought by me and i'm not getting compensated or anything for these reviews. These are all my honest opinions. 


Eye Look of the Day - Blue Tang Inspired

By cristalena56 · July 20, 2012


So i was thinking about a Blue Tang fish, since on pinterest i had seen a finding nemo manicure. Its the kind of fish that Ellen's character was. I woke up late, so it was nothing extravagant. I think this could also be a simple Batman Look, since the crease color is winged out.

Items Used:

*NYX Jumbo Pencil Milk

*Coastal Scents 88 Shimmer Palette (Purplish blue shadow)

*Lime Crime China Doll Palette - Goldfish

*Revlon Luxurious Color Diamond Lust in Night Sky (Black Holo Glitter shadow)

*Tarte Lights Camera Lashes

*NYX Studio Liner in Extreme Purple

*First I applied NYX HD Shadow Primer

*Next NYX Milk to lid, crease, and lower lashline.

*Next I applied the purple/blue shade to the lid.

*Next Revlon Night Sky to crease and rounding out to the lashline corner.

*Lime Crime Goldfish to lower lashline.

*Lined upper lashline with NYX Extreme Purple



When I came home i experimented a little more. I will make a separate posting for that. Let me know what you think!! :)

Harley Quinn Make Up Look Part 2

By cristalena56 · May 8, 2012

Continuing on from Part 1

Then i decided my brows looked out of place with the look, so i filled them in with NYX Jumbo Pencil Black Bean.

Then i just decided to shape my whole eye.

Finally I just filled in til it was a mask.

What Do You Think?? Comment Below and Don't Forget to Subscribe!!!

Harley Quinn Make Up Look Part 1

By cristalena56 · May 8, 2012

Yesterday for work i attempted at a joker look but it was a fail. Last night though i was trying to think of another batman character to try out and i thought of harley quinn. I'm thinking about maybe doing this one for one of the days i goto the comicon. My hubby really liked my look. When i was taking pics i made a few changes like I did with my 2nd Captain America Look. It started out as an eye look and developed into a masked look. I think i look kind of freaky TBH lol

Items Used:

*NYX White Shadow Base

*The Body Needs Steal the Night

*88 Original Palette - Red

*NYX Jumbo Pencil Black Bean

*Physicians Formula Blush (name has rubbed off, its like a brick red)

*Wet n Wild Color Icon Black Eye Liner

*Victoria Secret Very Sexy Lip Luster in Fired Up

*First I applied NYX Shadow Base White to my lid, crease, and lower lashline.

*I first applied the Red Checkers using the Red from the 88 Original Palette.

*Next I filled in the black squares with TBN Steal the Night.

*I then lined the checkers with Revlon Colorstay Liquid Liner and shaped the eye.

*I then Red, then Black, then Red to my lowerlashline.

*Next I filled in the brow bone with NYX Shadow Base White.

*I then took a small brush and drew diamonds with NYX Jumbo Pencil Black Bean. (you could also use a eyeliner pen. I just need to buy a new one. I find Jordana In Color Fabuliner works good for drawing things.)

*Went over the diamonds with TBN Steal the Night.

*Then applied Mascara.

I couldn't choose just a couple face pics. Click on them to see them full size. :)

While taking pics I realized I forgot the eyeliner. Revlon Colorstay Liquid Liner was nearby so i applied that to my upperlashline.

continue onto Part 2...

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