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Star Crushed Minerals Haul Swatches (Picture Heavy)

By cristalena56 · March 31, 2014
I've been seeing their products a lot lately throughout the beauty community. So around valentine's day they were having a 50% off sale and decided to make an order. I was hoping that I would find the neon shades that swatches had been popping up all over Facebook, but they weren't released yet(as of now they still aren't released and no idea if they will ever... I hope they do..). So i picked out 10 shade samples and a primer sample. Most indy companies send out their samples in the little baggies, but they send theirs all out in jars (BFTE doe the same). I prefer the jars out of the baggies. I find them easier to find the color im looking for verses the baggies. With the baggies, i seem to look at all of them before i find the color i am looking for.  So that's a total plus in my book.

There was a bunch of confetti stars inside the bags and envelope. 

The eye shadow samples I bought were $1.00 to $2.00 each and according to sticker on the jar they are .5 grams.

Product: Eye Shadow Primer
Website Description: This emollient rich eye shadow primer is designed to not only prep your eyes for eye shadow application but to moisturize as it does so. Neutralizes eyelid color.
Ingredients: Olive Oil, Carnauba Wax, Organic Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Grapeseed Oil, Micas
Price: $5.00 (on special right now for $2.00)
Size: 5g

Product inside Jar, Indoor Lighting Swatch (Over Primer), and Outdoor Lighting Swatch (Over Primer)

Product: White Lightning
Website Description: Pure White Color. Semi opaque.
INGREDIENTS: titanium dioxide, magnesium stearate, oxides 

Product Name: Yellow Brick Road
Website Description: Semi opaque golden yellow - with soft gold shimmer
INGREDIENTS: titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, micas, oxides, yellow #5

Product Name: Avocado
Website Description: Semi opaque green shadow with slight shimmer and soft iridescent glitter.
(It's more green then it looks in the picture above. Reminds me of the green yellow crayola crayon.)
INGREDIENTS: titanium dioxide, magnesium stearate, serecite mica, micas,oxides,chromium, tin oxide

Product: Neptune Star
Website Description: Green-Blue shimmer color.
(It's more on the green side then green blue. Shamrock Green with green sparkles.)
INGREDIENTS: serecite mica, magnesium stearate, titanium dioxide, chromium oxide, mica 

Product: Teal Sparkle
Website Description: Semi opaque teal with silver interference.
INGREDIENTS: titanium dioxide, magnesium stearate, serecite mica, micas,oxides, chromium, ultramarines

Product: Mulan
Website Description: Semi sheer bright deep pink with fine sparkles throughout.
(Crayola Carnation Pink with yellow, pink, and green sparkles)
INGREDIENTS: titanium dioxide, magnesium stearate, serecite mica, carmine, ultramarines,yellow #5, tin oxide

Product: Candy Apple Red
Website Description: Semi opaque vibrant red - with soft red shimmer
(Makes me think of the Ruby Red Slippers from Wizard of Oz)
INGREDIENTS: titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, micas, oxides, Red #40

Product: Orchid Shimmer
Website Description: This is matte purple color with pink undertones. Semi opaque.
(the purple shade of orchids with pink sparkles)
INGREDIENTS: titanium dioxide, magnesium stearate, serecite mica, mica

Product: Olive Pink
Website Description: Semi opaque shimmery golden olive with soft pink shimmer / undertone.
(Browntoned Olive with pink and yellow sparkles)
INGREDIENTS: titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, micas, oxides

Product: Black Sapphire
Website Description: Semi opaque shimmery blue black.
(Blue Toned Black with Blue sparkles)
INGREDIENTS: titanium dioxide, magnesium stearate, serecite mica, mica, oxides

I thought these were very pigmented and since I was given a coupon for 65% off, I think i'm going to purchase some more. I've yet to play with these just yet though. I have some ideas for them though. I've only had them about a week so far. :) I noticed some of these can stain like Black Sapphire and Neptune Star. I also think Orchid could be a little more pigmented. I think it might be because its a matte esque shade and thats why it was harder to swatch then the others. You can make a purchase at their etsy shop Star Crushed Minerals. They are still having their spring sale, so check them out. :)

12 Makeup Essentials Any Makeup Enthusiast Should Own

By cristalena56 · June 10, 2013
When I'm reading comments on fb pages/blogs people asking about the must haves they should have in their makeup collection. I decided to make a list of my own. :)</p>

1. Eye Shadow Primer:

Every MUE (Makeup Enthusiast) should own a eye shadow primer. This helps with creasing, fading, and even can affect how the shadow is applied. 

My Picks:
Elf Shadow Primer ($1), Urban Decay Primer Potion ($12-$20), and NYX HD Shadow Primer ($7.00). 

2. Eyeliner:

I dont feel like my looks are complete now without a eyeliner. I find that black liner can go with many eye looks. Its my most used liner color. I like color liners usually for the waterline or to use as a base for eye shadows. They also can bring a punch to a more neutral look. Brown eyeliner is good for more neutral looks and white is good to put on your waterline to make your eyes look more awake/open. I thinkyou should at least have a black and a brown liner.

Pencils: I'm not a big fan of the pencil liner. I prefer to use this type for the waterline or as a shadow base. I find many pencil liners tug, more prone to smudging, and harder to get that perfect smooth straight line.

My Picks:
UD 24/7 Liners and NYX Eye Liners

Gel Liner: This would be my goto type of liner. I find that they last longer, apply darker, less smudging, easy to apply, etc.. 

My Picks:
Elf Studio Cream Liner, Mac Fluidline, and Tarte EmphasEyes Clay Liner.

Liquid: I have a love/hate relationship with liquid liners. If I had to choose my favorite look of liners, it would definitely be liquid. I like how smooth, bold, and shiny it can look. I find though my eyes can be sensitive to them and this either means bleeding in the inner corners or fading in the outer corners. I prefer the markers to the brush applicators since they are easier to apply. Theres a difference of one stroke compared to multiple strokes. Many artists also use liquid liners for their more artistry looks. (Lime Crime Uniliners are used a lot for this.)

My Picks:
Elf Liquid Liner, Essence Beauty Waterproof Eyeliner Pen, NYX Studio and Glam Liners.

3. White and Black Shadow Base:

White shadow base is good for making colors pop. Black shadow base is good for duo chrome shadows.

My Picks:
White - NYX Jumbo Pencil Milk and NYX White Shadow Base
Black - NYX Jumbo Pencil Black Bean or UD 24/7 Liner Zero

4. Blush:

I think you should have a blush in pink, peach, and a bronzer shade. I didnt use to wear blush for years and now my face isn't complete without it. I find a little swipe of color can bring a nice color/glow to your cheeks. It can also be used to make your face look slimmer. I find that different colors need a different color of blush. For more cooler colors (white, black, silver, blue, purple) i prefer to use a pink blush. For warmer colors (brown, orange, yellow, pink) to use a peach shade. I like red shades more for the more natural days to make it look like I got some sun. Bronzer can also bring a glow. I like to use it when I want to warm up my skin a little. I've yet to try the number 1 blush which is Nars Orgasm.

My Picks:
Pink - MAC Tippy (Dolly Mix)or Be a Bombshell Cosmetics Sweet Cheeks
Peach - Sally Hansen Poppy Love, Bourjois Lune d'or 35, or Covergirl Trublend Shimmering Sands
Bronze - Too Faced Pink Leopard or Benefit Hoola

5. Neutral Palette/Set

A neutral palette is good for everyday looks. When your on the go and need to do a 5 minute look, these are perfect. They are also good to make a eye look for a job interview/work. 

My Picks:
Urban Decay Naked Palette and BFTE Coffee Shop Set

6. Colorful Palette

These have a wide selection of different colors. Along with your neutral palette, you will have all the colors you need. These palettes have shimmer, matte, satin shadows depending on which palette you choose.

My Picks:
BH Cosmetics 120 Palette 2nd edition, Elf 100 Pc Palette,  BFTE 16 Pc Sample Set, Coastal Scents 88 Shimmer Palette, or Coastal Scents Original Palette.

7. Lip Balm

I find this is important to keep lips moist and healthy. I use one of these before I apply a matte lip product since they can be drying. Its also something easy you can slip into your purse. They arent that pricey so if you end up losing it, you know you wont have to pay an arm and a leg to replace it. 

My Picks:
Chapstick or EOS

8. Lips

Just like Blushes I think you need certain shades in your collection. 

<span>Nude shades are typically worn when your having a dramatic look and you dont want to overpower your eye look with a bold lip color. It should be one level darker than your natural lips to create a subtle contrast. For fair skin use rosey hues to bring warmth, peachy beiges to play up medium tones, and more coppery shades to make darker complexions sparkle.

My Picks:
Urban Decay Super Saturated Gloss Glinda</p>

Reds can just add a little punch for an everyday look when applied lightly or heavier for a more glamourous look for a night out on the town. Berry reds flatter fair skin, a true red works great on medium tones, and a deeper orangey rouge pops on darker complexions

My Picks:
Revlon Cherry Ice or Mirenesse Lip Bomb 02

<span>Coral colors add a nice glow to your skin. Fair skin tones should use rosy corals, medium complexions should try vibrant melon hues, and darker skin tones look best with a gold-flecked version.

</span>My Picks:
Shiro Cosmetics Why Not Zoidberg or Revlon Just Bitten in Flame

Pinks i find to be a lot of fun to wear. I tend to go bold with the hot pink shades. I wear pink more then any other product. It will pair nicely with a bronze eye look for these summer months. It also can be used to add a punch to a more neutral look. When choosing a lipstick, you’ll want to select one with blue undertones if you have cooler skin, and if you have warm undertones, then you’re better suited for something more orange or red-based. Check out here for tips on finding the right pink shade.

My Picks:
Revlon Just Bitten Passion, MyGlam Gloss, Revlon Colorburst Lip Gloss in Hot Pink

9. Makeup Brushes

I think every girl should invest some money into makeup brushes. You will find a huge difference using them compared to applying your makeup with those cheapy applicators that come with a lot of products. Some of them can be quite useless. I think you should have a shadow, crease, pencil, smudger, eyeliner, foundation, concealer, blush, and powder brush. A lot of makeup artists you see online normally use Sigma Beauty or MAC Cosmetics Brushes. I've yet to use these because they are kind of on the pricey side, but I hope to one day invest in these. 

My Picks:
Ecotools, Crown Brush, E.L.F. Studio Brushes, Everyday Minerals, and Real Techniques.

10. Mascara

A eye look will never be complete without it. Mascara can darken, lengthen, curl, and/or define your lashes. I tend to like ones that arent very clumping, give length, and give my lashes that fake lash look.

My Picks:
Maybelline Colossal, Maybelline Falsies, Clinique Natural Glossy, and Tarte Lights Camera Lashes.

11. False Lashes

I'm not the greatest at putting these on but they can really polish a look. Also they can just be fun to wear and make you feel more glam.

My Picks:
NYX, Red Cherry, and Ardell

12. Glitter

Want something fun to add to a look, how about some eye glitter. You can never go wrong with glitter. I think its good for artistry makeup looks, also for festive and going out looks.

<p>My Picks:
Eye Kandy Cosmetics, TBN Eye Glitters, NYX Glitter Mania, and LA Splash</strong></span>

I hope you found this list to be helpful. </p> <p>

Inglot Haul

By cristalena56 · May 20, 2013

I went to Las Vegas last weekend for the first time. I remembered that there was a Inglot store somewhere there. I decided to find it and found it in the Caesar's Palace (my favorite casino!!) Forum Shops. I just had to start from one end to the other to find it. My hubby said he waited an hour for me to be done inside the store, but I dont think I was in there for that long. lol 

I took a quick picture when I was leaving. I found myself almost ordering stuff from them at their online website since I first heard about them. I was hesistant since I hadnt seen their products in person. Its hard to tell how big the items are and how I will like the finishes/etc.  without seeing them firsthand. I ended up buying 6 shadows, 1 pigment, and 1 eye liner. It was hard to pick out colors. I would have bought the empty palette but too expensive. Ill look on ebay or amazon for one I can use.

I found the shadows to be a pretty decent size. They only cost $6 each. The pigment was $14.00 and the eyeliner was $12.00.

<a target="_blank" href="http://media4.onsugar.com/files/2013/05/18/270/n/11329888/a0854ac7ff6d6127_inglot9.jpg">

</a>Inglot Pure Pigments: Sponge gourd oil and almost 90% pure pigment gives this highly concentrated loose colored powder the ability to range from subtle to ultra intense effects depending on application. Pigments can be mixed with DURALINE to create liquid forms of all pigment colors.
Size: 2 g/0.07 US OZ
Price: $14

Pure Pigment Eye Shadow 82: Shimmery Bronze with pink sheen. Also when it hits the light you can see a gold duochrome. This color is sparkly and has minimal fallout.

<a target="_blank" href="http://media2.onsugar.com/files/2013/05/18/285/n/11329888/b8d939d1ee64dff0_inglot14.jpg">

</a>Swatched Dry

Swatched over Primer, NYX Milk, and UD Liner Zero

<a target="_blank" href="http://media1.onsugar.com/files/2013/05/18/288/n/11329888/79cf3d1d77bbb80c_inglot17.jpg">

Inglot Matte Gel Liner: High intensity pigments provide ideal coverage and rich colors after just one application. The Creamy and delicate long lasting formula dries in 60 seconds to a water, smudge and crease proof finish. 
Size: 5.5 g/0.19 US OZ
Price: $12.00

<strong>Eyeliner Gel 7: Matte Black. I need to get a new eyeliner brush before I start using this. 


</p> <p>Freedom System ShadowsPalettes come is various sizes and can hold: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 20, 40 of the Freedom System Eye Shadow singles. Eyeshadows and palettes sold separately. Eye shadows come in Matte, Pearl, Shine, Double Sparkle, and AMC. Paraben Free formula. Not tested on animals.</p> <p>Sizes: </strong>
AMC 2.7 g/0.09 US OZ</p>

PEARL 2.7 g/0.09 US OZ

MATTE 2.3 g/0.08 US OZ

SHINE 3.2 g/0.11 US OZ

DS 2.5 g/0.09 US OZ

<span style="font-size: large;"><strong>Price: $6.00


Inglot Freedom System Square 431 Pearl: Frosty/Icy Pink

Over Primer, NYX Milk, and UD Zero Liner

Inglot Freedom System Shadow AMC 15 Shine:  fiery orange and a gold frost finish 

Inglot Freedom System Shadow AMC 24 Shine: Sparkly Seafoam Green

Inglot Freedom System Shadow AMC 33 Shine: This color caught my eye first and had to have it once i swatched it on the back of my hand. Made me think of mermaids.

Inglot Freedom System Shadow AMC 14 Shine:  bright thistle with pink metallic sheen & multicolored sparkles. Reminds me of TBN Grape Soda with multicolored sparkles. 

Inglot Freedom System Shadow AMC Shine 29: Irridescent pink.

<a target="_blank" href="http://media2.onsugar.com/files/2013/05/20/338/n/11329888/b514986b413cc5b8_inglot46.jpg">

</a>Measured to show the size of the shadows 1.25 in by 1.125 in


ELF Malificent Villainous Villians Palette

By cristalena56 · September 23, 2012

I only just recently heard about these palettes. Eyes Lips Face (E.L.F.) and Walgreens hooked up to offer these Limited Edition Villainous Villians Palettes. They are only at certain Walgreens and are Limited Edition. So while supplies last. They won't be offered online as far as I know. Nouveau Cheap has a map showing where these palettes have been spotted. I had gone in on Wed. asking about these palettes and she had told me to come back the next day. I checked back and they had the Malificent Palette on hold for me. I had mentioned to the salesgirl that it was the one I really wanted. I didnt go looking for the others. I kind of want the Evil Queen one though. 

Each set comes with:

*8 Shadows

*2 Cheek/Lip Liners

*Eye Primer

*Liquid Liner

*Fake Lashes with Glue

Love the cute packaging!!

You see a mirror on one side when you open it up. Anybody else just want to say "Mirror, Mirror on the wall. who's the fairest of them all?" lol Ok maybe its just me. :)

When you flip back the mirror part it reveals with directions how to use the shadows to do a Day Look

and a Night Look.

Spindle: Flesh Shimmer (Slightly Darker then my skin color when applied as a highlight)

Sceptre: Copper Shimmer

Fog of Doom: Bluish-Purple Satin

Fauna: Emerald Satin

Misfortune: Silverish-Gray

Forest of Thorns: Dark charcoal gray with fine holographic glitter

Deep Sleep: Deep Wine

Diablo: Reddish-black shimmer with micro glitter

I really like the lip colors but the eyeliner not so much. It actually stung my eyes.

Day Look Lip Liner:

Night Look Lip Liner:

Side by Side Picture:

Heres my Malificent Look that I quickly did:

Heres some photos from the other two palettes.

Let me know if you find these and how you like them. :) I remember a couple years back when MAC had their Villainous Villians Collection. I didnt really like anything from the collection so the only thing I bought was the Bad Fairy Nail Polish. I wish they had came out with something for Ursula and I probably would have bought something else. 




Shiro Cosmetics Haul - Swatches (Pic Heavy!!)

By cristalena56 · September 13, 2012

I discovered about Shiro Cosmetics when I saw a post at Unique Desire. I had to have snake and badger that she posted swatches of. When I clicked on the site I had actually seen it before when I saw someone had posted about a lip balm called "Why Not Zoidberg?". I found all kinds of colors that were pretty. I made a whole list. Their colors are based on things like zelda, hunger games, pokemon, alice in wonderland, etc.. I usually like to get samples in jars but I wasn't for sure how I would like them so I ordered some bag samples that way i could get more to try. Buying 10 or more you get a discount. So I ordered 10 shadow samples and of course a sample of the zoidberg lip intertube. When you order only samples the shipping is $1.75.

Every package comes with candy (and samples).

I got 3 free samples. They forgot to send me one of the ones I ordered. One of the free samples I got looks similar to it though.

These are the bright colors I got.

Thunderbolt: Opaque Shimmering Yellow with Red Glitter.


FlamethrowerSoft bright shimmery orange, with yellow undertones and a hint of gold.

SnakeBright, lightly shimmery chartreuse.

HeartsBright, true red with subtle shimmer.

GanondorfVelvety black with strong dark red shimmer.

BadgerShimmery blackened chocolate with sparks of uncaring honey.

Not Very EffectiveDark purple-black with red glitter.

DetectiveTaupe with blue duochrome. (I didnt realize it was a duochrome. I need to swatch over a black base.)

My 2 favorite colors of my haul is Dark Sacrifice and Twilight Realm.

Twilight RealmShimmery medium gray packed with bold aqua sparks.

Your Best FriendShimmery grey-pink with strong pink glitter.

EvolveVivid opaque blue over a shimmery white base.

Dark SacrificeSuper-dark blue-black loaded with aqua and purple sparks.

I now have a favorite lip balm.


Why Not Zoidberg Intertube: Bright Coral.


Shadow Prices:

Sample (1/4 Tsp in Baggie): $1.00

Mini (1.0 gram): $3.50

Full Size (2.0 grams): $5.00


Intertube Prices:

Sample (Approx. 1.5 grams in clamshell): $1.80

Full Size (Approx. 5.5 grams): $6.50


I did a look with some of these shadows and i will post about it in my next post.


Beauty From the Earth Coffee Shop Collection

By cristalena56 · September 13, 2012

I was the winner of the blog giveaway from Valentine Kisses. I won the BFTE Coffee Shop Collection. Neutral colors usually arent my thing but sometimes i like a more tone down look. Also we are coming into the fall season, and one of the colors i think of are different shades of brown (of course I also think of yellow, red, and orange..). I have a few BFTE shadows in my collection, and glad that i got to add a few more. In my package I also got a Halloween Fun Size bag of Mini Oreos (yum!). My hubby and I shared it. :)

They arrived in this container.



Caffe Latte: matte peach-tinged beige


No Flash

Mocchiato: shimmering light golden brown


No Flash

Salted Carmel: peach-tinged tan with a golden sheen and golden twinkles


No Flash

Chai: red-toned shimmering milk chocolate


No Flash

Espresso: pure dark chocolate with a glimmer of rainbow borealis


I wore 2 of these yesterday without a primer and after a hard day at work I came home with a little creasing in my bottom crease. Today i wore these with a primer and after working I had no creasing or fading. From the time i put them on and then going and coming home from work was a little over 8 hours. 

This was a quick look I did yesterday. I used Caffe Latte and Mocchiato.



You can buy this set at BFTE Cosmetics for $33.00. Each jar is full sized. 

This a popular indy brand that i first discovered when i watched my first xsparkage video years ago and she was doing her famous Rainbow Eye. Every week they have a Color of the week and the special is a Full Size Jar of the COTW and then you get to choose 3 shadow samples(which come in a Jar) for 6 bucks. The COTW is $2 and samples cost $2.00, so its like getting a sample free. 

TBN Haul

By cristalena56 · August 10, 2012

My small haul from their last sale finally came on Monday. I've been busy watching the olympics and havent had time to post or blog really for that matter. Did anyone else notice all the great eye looks the athletes have been sporting?? I guess its official im a makeup nerd. :p  Only someone like me would notice eye make up when your supposed to be watching the athletes compete. I can't help it though. Anyways.. On to the pictures.

Bahama Blue, Siren, Autumn, Blanc, Princess Pink, Blackened Turquoise

Swatches: Dry, Over NYX Milk, and then over Primer

Princess Pink - Bubblegum Pink that reflects Gold Sparkle. Over primer it looks like a pinkish rose shimmer with gold sparkle.

For some reason my camera kept whiting out the pictures. i got a darker picture of this one but it was super fuzzy.

Siren - Reddish Pink with blue undertones

Autumn - Chocolate Brown Matte

Bahama Blue- Deep Bright Blue Matte

Blackened Turquoise - Deep Black with Turquoise Shimmer

Blanc - White Matte

Cloyingly Coral Lip Luster - Warm Coral

This is like a lipstick in lipbalm form. its very pigmented but its streaky and clumpy on my lips. I dont know if its this particular color, but it reminds me as if im applying an old lipstick. Maybe i just got a bad one. I had to use a clear lip gloss to smooth it out some.


The Body Needs Mini Haul

By cristalena56 · July 27, 2012

So a few days ago i got a coupon code in my email so i decided to buy a few more colors. These are all still available and at full price

Each swatch is dry, over milk, and then over a eye shadow primer

Moonstone Blue - Aqua Blue with Gold Shimmer

D'Bomb Blue - Deep Navy Blue with Pearl

Chalet Green - Bright Olive Green that flashes Gold

Vampy - Deep Maroon Matte

Grape Soda - Bright Purple Pearl


No Flash

Quick Look I did


The Body Needs Haul Part 2 (Mineral Shadows) - Pic Heavy

By cristalena56 · May 22, 2012

Reference for some of The Body Needs Mineral Shadows. These are all close out colors with the exception of Aztec Yellow. I bought the rest from the clearance section during the last sale. I dont have very many shadows but i figured for 50 cents each i could buy some to try them out. The regularly price shadows run for $1.99 for 5g jar and $3.79 for a 10g jar. All the jars i got are 5g.

Sage Matte, Turquoise, Periwinkle, Mauve Madness, Aztec Yellow, Chaos, Springtime, Silver Ocean, Blue Bell, Tiffany Silver, and Blonde Ambition

Aztec Yellow - Dandelion Yellow Matte (Deep Yellow Matte)

Blonde Ambition -  Golden Mustard Yellow (Light Yellow Gold with Silver & Gold Sparkle)

Bluebell - Robins Egg Blue (Pale Blue with Silver Pearl)

Chaos - Matte Red Orange (Burnt Orange Matte)

Mauve Madness - Dark Plum Purple (Deep Violet/Pink Frost)

Periwinkle - Pale Powder Blue (Soft Violet Blue with Pearl)

Sage Matte - Dark Green Matte (Sage Green Matte)

Silver Ocean -  Dark Ocean Teal with sparkle(Soft Teal with Pearl)

Springtime - Pale Mint Green with Sheen (Silvered Pale Green)

Tiffany Silver - Sparkly Dark Silver (Shimmering Silver with a Black Undertone)

Turquoise - Tiffany Blue Aqua  (Soft Blue Green Pearl)
Im loving all the colors I got. I did a look using some of these colors and i will post the look in its own post. So be on the look out for it. :)

CVS, Rite Aid, Ulta, and Walgreens Weekly Sale - 04/22 to 04/28

By cristalena56 · April 23, 2012

I was looking at the Ulta ad and saw some cosmetic brushes were on sale so decided to make a list for sale items.

*99 cent Sinful Colors
*Buy $20 worth of Burt's Bees Products get $5 in Register Rewards
*Buy $15  worth of Tresseme Products get $5 in Register Rewards (4/$15 for Shampoo/Conditioners/Select Stylers)
*Buy $15 of Garnier Hair Products get $5 in Register  Rewards
*Neutrogena Skincare 25% off
*Maybelline, Oil of Olay, Revlon, Neutrogena Cosmetics, Simple Skincare, St Ives, and Covergirl Buy 1 Get 1 50% off



*Ecotools Cosmetic Brushes (code: ECOTOOLS), Real Techniques Cosmetic Brushes (code: REAL TECHNIQUES), Japonesque Cosmetic Brushes (code: JAPONESQUE), and Ulta Cosmetic Brushes (code: ULTA COSMETIC BRUSHES)
buy 1 get 1 50% off
*Orly and China Glaze buy 2 get 1 free (code: 2244756)
*Ulta Bath, Anti-Bacterial, and Candles buy 2 get 2 free (code:ULTA BATH)
*Ulta Body Smoothies $9.99 (orig $16, code:ULTASMOOTHIES)
*25% Off Bath Favorites (code: VITABATH, HEMPZ17, EARTH THERAPEUTICS, or TREE HUT)
*Maybelline (code: MAYBELLINE COSMETICS), Neutrogena (code: NEUTROGENA COSMETICS), Loreal (code: LOREAL COSMETICS), Revlon (code: REVLON), Palladio (code: PALLADIO), and Almay(code: ALMAY COSMETICS) Buy 1 get 1 50% off
*$5 Ultamate Cash for every $20 you spend from April 22nd to May 13th

*$3.50 off a $10 Purchase (code: 72783)



*Revlon  Colorbursts $6
*$4 Extrabucks Rewards for every $10 spent on Revlon Cosmetics (excludes clearance)
*$4 Extrabucks Rewards for every $10 spent on Almay  Cosmetics (excludes clearance)
*$7 Extrabucks Rewards  when you buy any Physicians Formula Cosmetics (excludes clearance)
*$10 Extrabucks Rewards for every $10 spent on Loreal Cosmetics or Haircare (excludes clearance)
*25% off Natural Skin Care Products (excludes Burt's Bees, Aveeno, and Neautrogena)
*Sally Hansen Buy 1 get 1 50% off all Sally Hansen Cosmetics and Hair Removers
*Buy 1 get 1 50% off all Artificial Nails (excludes glue)
*Buy  1 get 1 50% off Neutrogena Cosmetics
*$5 Extrabucks Rewards when you spend $15 on Simple Skincare, Clearasil, or Nuance. (excludes clearance)
*$10 Extrabucks Rewards when you spend $30  on Fekkai Hair Products (excludes clearance and trial sizes)



*Wet n Wild 40% off (Buy $10 get $3+Up Reward)
*Neutrogena Cosmetics 40% off
*Loreal Cosmetics Buy 1 Get 1 50% off
*Loreal Skincare Buy 1 Get 1 50% off
*All Rite-Aid Skincare Buy 1 Get 1 50% off
*Tresemme Select Shampoo, Conditioner, and Hair Stylers 2/$7 (buy 2 of these and get $2+Up Reward)
*Nexxus Buy 1 Get 1 50% off (excludes trial size, buy 2 of these and get $3+Up Reward)
*Buy $25 worth of Loreal Items and get $10+Up Reward
*John Frieda Haircare,  Biore, or Curel Skin Care Buy 1 Get 1 50% off
*Buy $15 worth of American Crew, Chi, Rusk, or Sexy Professional Hair Care Selection and get $5+Up Reward)
*Physicians Formula and Covergirl Buy 1 Get 1 50% off
*Spend $15 on Maybelline or Fructis, Herbashine, or Garnier Skin Care get $3+Up Reward (Buy 1 Get 1 50% off)
*Revlon Cosmetics Buy 1 Get 1 50% off (Buy $15 of Revlon Items gets $5+Up Reward)

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