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The Body Needs Haul January 2013

By cristalena56 · January 26, 2013
My order from TheBodyNeeds came in on Thursday. This was my order from their last sale.</p>

Sinful Blush: <span>Peachy Pink with a Gold Shimmer (This is a mineral dupe for Nars Orgasm. Ive not used the Nars one so I cant say how they compare.)



Party Girl Glitter: <span>Bubblegum Pink with Gold Sparkle EYE SAFE Glitter (color looks lighter and different on the site. It looks more like a hot pink in color but does apply more like Bubblegum pink.)


Heliotrope: <span>Shimmery Pink Purple Pearl (Similar to MAC Pink Pearl)


Irish Dreams: <span>Pale Pastel Green with a Gold Shimmer. (Seafoam Green) My favorite color of the bunch. 


Envious: <span>Deep Emerald Green Frost. It looks like the green used in Blackened Emerald. Also I couldnt seem to find this color on the site and was informed it was discontinued.


Shimmers Teal: Shimmery White that Reflects Teal (Its been cloudy so havent been able to get a reflection pic)

Nude: <span>Dark Beige Matte (Reminds me of the color of a Milk Chocolate smudge)


Blackened Maroon: <span>Deep Blackish Purple with Medium Frost

<a target="_blank" href="http://media1.onsugar.com/files/2013/01/04/6/1132/11329888/1f7af03f50365713_tbnmaroond.jpg">

</a>Heres the Swatches :)

<p>No Flash

Where to Buy: TheBodyNeeds
Price: 5g Jar $1.99
10g Jar $3.79
26 mm Crushed Pot $3.99</p>

Quick Look I did using Irish Dreams and Nude. (Also used Blacked Turquoise and Shimmers Gold)


The Body Needs Haul - Christmas Colors

By cristalena56 · November 26, 2012
<strong>TBN had a sale for Veteran's day a couple weeks ago, so I decided to pick up some christmas colors. I also got the pink I have been wanting from them as well. I thought I had ordered 24K Gold with this order but I hadnt so I ordered it with my Black Friday order. </p>

<a target="_blank" href="http://media4.onsugar.com/files/2012/11/48/1/1132/11329888/9a6b33712a41ad83_tbnnov2.jpg">

</a><a target="_blank" href="http://media3.onsugar.com/files/2012/11/48/1/1132/11329888/ba7078e09c25cd93_tbnnov.jpg">

</a><a target="_blank" href="http://media3.onsugar.com/files/2012/11/48/1/1132/11329888/ba7078e09c25cd93_tbnnov.jpg">

</a>Indoor Flash

Outdoor No Flash

Outdoor - Flash

No Flash

Shamrock: Bright Green Pearl (Jungle Green)
Notes: I found this can apply dark and kind of sheer. It worked better to pat this color onto your eye then sweeping it on. I recommend using a base before applying this color. It might work better with a mixing medium (I just ordered one from BFTE). 

<a target="_blank" href="http://media1.onsugar.com/files/2012/11/48/1/1132/11329888/72b54c4e0b815d2a_tbngreenglit2.jpg">No Flash

</a>Green Glitter: Sparkling Green EYE SAFE Glitter
Notes: I thought this applied well with my LA Splash Shadow/Glitter Primer. To get a more even coverage I use a brush like the Soho Smudge Brush (September Glam Bag). 

No Flash

Cherry Blossom: Soft, Muted Baby Pink Frost
Notes: I havent used this shadow on my eyes yet, but can't wait too!! It reminds me of the Flirt! shadow Birthday Cake I used to wear all the time a few years ago. I used it til it was gone and since I never goto Kohl's I never replaced it. 

No Flash

Metallic Merlot: <span>Bright Burgundy Shine (Wine).
Notes: This is a nice medium shiny red shade. They suggest using this one as a lip color. Ill test it out and add a swatch. It would make a good color for Gryffindor Eye Looks. 

Smoked Pink: Smokey Grey with a Flash of Pink
Notes: This one looked almost exactly like Smoked Silver when swatching. I'm not for sure how it looks applied to the eye because I've yet to use it. I got it to use with some of my pink shades like Princess Pink.

No Flash

Smoked Silver: Smokey Grey with a Flash of Silver (Steel gray with silver shimmer)
Notes: This shade applied to the eyes kind of paleish. I find that it works best using a darker color underneath. I found Steal the Night worked good. This has a lot of Silver Shimmer in it.

Add  supernova pic

Supernova: Medium Teal Blue with High Shimmer Gold
Notes: Forgot to take picture of the shadow. I will update it later. This color was this past month's 1 cent special. To bring out the duochrome, apply it over a black base. (NYX Black Bean, UD Zero/Perversion, Wet n Wild Coloricon Black Pencil work good)

Where to Buy: TheBodyNeeds
Price: $1.99 for 5g, $3.79 for 10g, and $3.99 for Crush pot (panned shadow)


Christmas Eye Look I came up with, Christmas Cheer.

Haul - Ulta/Walmart/Sallys/Big Lots

By cristalena56 · September 30, 2012

I did a little shopping the past couple days. Ulta had a sale the past week for 40% off NYX  Products. I went in with my $5 off a $15 purchase coupon. I had planned on buying the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush since I saw rave reviews for it but put it back. I plan on going back for it with my $5 off a $10 purchase coupon. When I was at Walmart I saw Hard Candy had some new products. I should have taken a picture of the display.. They had some new palettes though that reminded me of the Pop Beauty Palettes. They are only $6. 

Borrowed this pic from DizzyNicky. The Blue one (Feelin' Blue) I just had to have. There was one color I had been looking for ever since I saw the Sigma Paris Palette (Seine). The color in this palette though is more aqua then blue. I liked the colors from the pic of Naturall Gorgeous at the display but they were all gone. If I like this one I will probably pick up more. They are very inexpensive, $6 each. Thats 60 cents per shadow. I can't wait to play with this palette. 

Group Picture

I picked up some NYX Fake Lashes in Nirvana and Gold Digger. I thought I could get these for Halloween since they were only $2.69 each on sale. I figured if i mess up putting on one, I have a spare. I need to go  buy some new glue though. When i was using my lash glue a few days ago it had a weird odor. 

I picked up one of the new Glam Aqua Luxe Lipsticks in Razzle Dazzle. Also got a Matte Lipstick in Pure Red. I wanted the hot pink one but they were out. :( 

They blend in with the background. :/


No Flash

Razzle Dazzle is a Frosty Coral.

Pure Red is a nice Matte Fire Engine Red. I found that its hard to apply by itself. It goes on more smoothly when you apply a lip balm first.

Some NYX eye products. I picked up a backup of Milk. There was only 1 so it was meant to be. I've tried the other Jumbo Pencils and they go sheer and frosty besides Black Bean. I can only Recommend Milk and Black Bean when it comes to the NYX Jumbo Liners. You need to use them with a primer though. I guess I could maybe try some of the darker colors. 

This is a pretty sparkly emerald green liner. I cant wait to try this out.

Flash and No Flash. The color came out more teal in the picture but its more green. 

NYX Glitter Mania in Purple - a bright lavender irridescent purple 

applied dry with my finger.

NYX Pencil Sharpener - I have bought this before but lost it. I had bought it after Xsparkage recommended it for the NYX Jumbo Pencils. I found this is the best one that sharpens my Milk pencil. It sharpens it perfectly unlike some that wont sharpen it, product gets stuck to it, sharpens but not very well, and I have one that seems to sharpen but also starts to sharpen the shadow part itself which is weird

Now if i lose the top part i know that the NYX one says Made in Germany. So if im looking for my sharpener and I find one without this, I know its not the one im looking for.

Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers Glow in the Dark Nail Polish. Picked this up for $1.99. Im hoping its better then my China Glaze Ghoulish Glow. I know last year Scrangie recommended this one over the China Glaze. 

I saw in some recent photos how bad my roots were so I went to Sallys for some hairdye. The developer was in a pink bottle for breast cancer. 

Palladio Herbal Eyeshadow - I remember reading last year  or maybe earlier this year about how this was a dupe for Urban Decay Primer Potion. I decided to try this. I had a coupon to get a hairdye free with a $10 or more purchase. So i decided to get this. Along with this and the developer, I was able to get my hairdye free. 


It was hard to get a swatch of this since its only a little lighter in color then my skintone. I found it to be thicker and creamy when swatching. Kind of reminds me of the consistency of the Hard Candy Face primer.. Kind of like a silicone based primer.. i cant wait to try this since I do like UDPP. Ive tried Too Faced Shadow Insurance a little bit and i found my shadows creasing like crazy.. I didnt get to use it much because it was in my makeup bag last year when my purse was stolen. 

I saw these cute earrings at Big Lots and had to buy then. I think daisies are cute and i love the skulls, roses, hearts, and stars. 

Thought I would show the Mood Changing Sanrio Hello Kitty Earrings my hubby bought me last weekend.

Tried capturing a colo difference. No matter what I always change them blue. The necklace they had though I could get to be pink and purple. I only got the earrings.

Im going to do a separate post for my Hard Candy Top Ten Feelin' Blue Palette. Love the colors!! :)


Thanks for looking!! :)



Shiro Cosmetics Haul - Swatches (Pic Heavy!!)

By cristalena56 · September 13, 2012

I discovered about Shiro Cosmetics when I saw a post at Unique Desire. I had to have snake and badger that she posted swatches of. When I clicked on the site I had actually seen it before when I saw someone had posted about a lip balm called "Why Not Zoidberg?". I found all kinds of colors that were pretty. I made a whole list. Their colors are based on things like zelda, hunger games, pokemon, alice in wonderland, etc.. I usually like to get samples in jars but I wasn't for sure how I would like them so I ordered some bag samples that way i could get more to try. Buying 10 or more you get a discount. So I ordered 10 shadow samples and of course a sample of the zoidberg lip intertube. When you order only samples the shipping is $1.75.

Every package comes with candy (and samples).

I got 3 free samples. They forgot to send me one of the ones I ordered. One of the free samples I got looks similar to it though.

These are the bright colors I got.

Thunderbolt: Opaque Shimmering Yellow with Red Glitter.


FlamethrowerSoft bright shimmery orange, with yellow undertones and a hint of gold.

SnakeBright, lightly shimmery chartreuse.

HeartsBright, true red with subtle shimmer.

GanondorfVelvety black with strong dark red shimmer.

BadgerShimmery blackened chocolate with sparks of uncaring honey.

Not Very EffectiveDark purple-black with red glitter.

DetectiveTaupe with blue duochrome. (I didnt realize it was a duochrome. I need to swatch over a black base.)

My 2 favorite colors of my haul is Dark Sacrifice and Twilight Realm.

Twilight RealmShimmery medium gray packed with bold aqua sparks.

Your Best FriendShimmery grey-pink with strong pink glitter.

EvolveVivid opaque blue over a shimmery white base.

Dark SacrificeSuper-dark blue-black loaded with aqua and purple sparks.

I now have a favorite lip balm.


Why Not Zoidberg Intertube: Bright Coral.


Shadow Prices:

Sample (1/4 Tsp in Baggie): $1.00

Mini (1.0 gram): $3.50

Full Size (2.0 grams): $5.00


Intertube Prices:

Sample (Approx. 1.5 grams in clamshell): $1.80

Full Size (Approx. 5.5 grams): $6.50


I did a look with some of these shadows and i will post about it in my next post.


The Body Needs Mini Haul

By cristalena56 · July 27, 2012

So a few days ago i got a coupon code in my email so i decided to buy a few more colors. These are all still available and at full price

Each swatch is dry, over milk, and then over a eye shadow primer

Moonstone Blue - Aqua Blue with Gold Shimmer

D'Bomb Blue - Deep Navy Blue with Pearl

Chalet Green - Bright Olive Green that flashes Gold

Vampy - Deep Maroon Matte

Grape Soda - Bright Purple Pearl


No Flash

Quick Look I did


The Body Needs Haul

By cristalena56 · July 23, 2012

TBN had put more things on clearance and i made a small order. The clearance items i am posting are still available right now but i dont know for how much longer. I also got 3 items that are FP items. ALl the items i got remind me of the little mermaid.


TBN Shadows: Bananarama, Juniper, and Strawberry

TBN Glitters(clearance): Ballroom, Chartreuse, and Rave

MAC Lipmix Samples(clearance): Blue, Black, and Yellow

Juniper: Jewel Toned Bluish Green Shimmer Shadow

Good color for a Little Mermaid Flounder eye look

5g - $1.99 and 10g/Crushpot - $3.79

Strawberry: Coral Pink Pearl

Good color for maybe a Sebastian or Ariel eye look.

5g - $1.99 and 10g/Crushpot - $3.79

Bananarama: Neon Yellow Matte

Pair it with Juniper for a flounder eye look. This is also one of their colors that glows under blacklights. This is under body pigments because its not FDA approved in the US for eye use but it is worldwide.

Price $2.49


Clearance Glitters (Reference Only)

Ballroom: Sparkling Teal Eye Safe Glitter

Chartreuse: Sparkling Goldish Yellow Green Eye Safe Glitter

Rave: Sparkling Dark Lavender Eye Safe Glitter

Looks like a good matching glitter for their shadow Grape Soda(which is the next shadow color i plan to buy)




Bananarama, Strawberry, Juniper, Ballroom, Rave, Chartreuse

No Flash


I forgot to do swatches for the lip mixes, but i will and add them in the next  few days.


The Body Needs Haul Part 2 (Mineral Shadows) - Pic Heavy

By cristalena56 · May 22, 2012

Reference for some of The Body Needs Mineral Shadows. These are all close out colors with the exception of Aztec Yellow. I bought the rest from the clearance section during the last sale. I dont have very many shadows but i figured for 50 cents each i could buy some to try them out. The regularly price shadows run for $1.99 for 5g jar and $3.79 for a 10g jar. All the jars i got are 5g.

Sage Matte, Turquoise, Periwinkle, Mauve Madness, Aztec Yellow, Chaos, Springtime, Silver Ocean, Blue Bell, Tiffany Silver, and Blonde Ambition

Aztec Yellow - Dandelion Yellow Matte (Deep Yellow Matte)

Blonde Ambition -  Golden Mustard Yellow (Light Yellow Gold with Silver & Gold Sparkle)

Bluebell - Robins Egg Blue (Pale Blue with Silver Pearl)

Chaos - Matte Red Orange (Burnt Orange Matte)

Mauve Madness - Dark Plum Purple (Deep Violet/Pink Frost)

Periwinkle - Pale Powder Blue (Soft Violet Blue with Pearl)

Sage Matte - Dark Green Matte (Sage Green Matte)

Silver Ocean -  Dark Ocean Teal with sparkle(Soft Teal with Pearl)

Springtime - Pale Mint Green with Sheen (Silvered Pale Green)

Tiffany Silver - Sparkly Dark Silver (Shimmering Silver with a Black Undertone)

Turquoise - Tiffany Blue Aqua  (Soft Blue Green Pearl)
Im loving all the colors I got. I did a look using some of these colors and i will post the look in its own post. So be on the look out for it. :)

The Body Needs Haul

By cristalena56 · April 18, 2012

I got my items from the easter sale last week. Im just now getting around to the post for them(sorry!!).

*Blackened Blue(5g $1.99, 10g $3.59)  - Deep Black with Blue Shimmer

*Blackened Bronze(5g $1.99, 10g $3.59) - Deep Black with Bronze Shimmer

*Blackened Emerald(5g $1.99, 10g $3.59) - Deep Black with Emerald Green Shimmer

*Blackened Violet(5g $1.99, 10g $3.59) - Deep Black with Purple Shimmer

*Brass Glitter(5g $1.99, 10g $3.59) - Brass colored glitter safe for the eyes.

*Play Misty For Me(was on clearance and is out out of stock) - Blue undertone pink that flashes teal

*Steal the Night(5g $1.99, 10g $3.59) - Flat Rich Black Matter

*MAC Set Powder in Invisible($1.79 for 1/4 tsp sample in a 5g jar) - A collection of jet-milled, loose powders that effectively stabilize and fix makeup. Micronized pigments and talc render color purity and an ultra silky, soft feeling application. The finish is velvety matte and the coverage is sheer-light

Blackened Mineral Shadow Swatches:





Notes: I found them all to swatch easy except the violet. It just didnt want to swatch for some reason. The bronze one swatched like a dream.

Foundation Samples and Mini Haul

By cristalena56 · April 12, 2012

So my skin has been acting  up a lot lately. So i went to the mall today to get some foundation samples. The ladies at the stores were very helpful. I first went to sephora to get a makeup forever sample, since i have heard good things about it but after answering a few of her questions she decided i should try Smashbox Studio Skin Foundation in 1.2. She also gave me a sample of kate somervill gentle exfoliate. She told me it was made for sensitive skin. I needed one for my flaking skin on my nose and chin. Its superrrr expensive, so hopefully i dont fall in love with it. It retails for $65.00. I guess theres stuff out there alot more expensive, but for a girl on a budget, that is way out of my price range for someone with a Ross Dress for Less salary. I hope it just takes away my flakes for now. I also bought some skin care items to try out. The 100 pt samples were Tarte Lights Camera Lashes and Philosphy Purity. I decided to keep accumulating my points. Ive never gotten to the 500 pt yet because i was always spending them on a sample but i am at 396, so only $104 to go.

*Sephora Instant Moisturizer (1 oz) - $12

*Sephora Supreme Cleansing Foam(1.69 oz) - $7

*Sephora Express Cleansing Wipes (10 ct) - $4

*Smashbox Studioskin 15 hr Wear Sample in 1.2 - Full Bottle Retails for $42.00

*Kate Somervill Gentle Exfolikate Sample - Full Bottle 2 oz Retails for $65.00

*Shiseido  Urban Environment Oil-Free UV Protector Sample (.06 oz) -  Full Bottle 1.oz Retails for $30

When i was walking to Sephora  I noticed they had put in a MAC store so of course I had to stop in. I was swatching all kinds of things. There was 4 colors i kept looking at but i decided i could only bring 1 home. The colors were Coppering, Expensive Pink, Star Violet, and Cranberry. I first picked out coppering but went with Expensive Pink. Its like a Pink, Peachy, Gold color, its super pretty!! It seemed the most versatile of the 4 shades. I also was swatching some eye liners and it was love at first swipe for the Pearlglide Intense Eye Liner in Undercurrent. Its a really shiny emerald green. The color is just TDF in my opinion. They were out of sample cups, so i went to Dillards and got a sample of Satinfinish in NC15. The girl said they were told recently that they were phasing it out. The girl said she loved this  product and its one of the reasons she works at the MAC counter. She said if they discontinue it and dont get a replacement, she's putting her two weeks in. lol She said it was what she was wearing and it looked flawless. Can't wait to try my sample. The full size bottle retails for $29. She gave me a lot so i can really see how i like it.

*MAC Shadow in Expensive Pink - $15

*MAC Pearlglide Intense Eyeliner in Undercurrent - $15

*MAC Mineralized Satin Finish Sample in NC15 - Full Bottle Retails for $29

Then when I was walking through Macy's to get to my car I stopped at the Estee Lauder counter and the lady gave me a sample of the Double Wear Stay in Place Makeup Foundation in Shell. The full size bottle retails for $35.

*Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay in Place Makeup Foundation Sample - Full Bottle retails for $35.

Once I try these out, i will do a review of them. Im hoping to at least like one of them and if its the smashbox i like i will be on a lookout most likely for a comparing foundation since its more then what im really wanting to spend. $29 for the mac one is more then i have ever spent on a foundation(I use to buy Clinique Perfectly Real for $23) but the price is more reasonable. No purchase was needed to get these samples.


Other notes: I did my Black Widow look today for work and will have to redo it and take pics this weekend. I didnt have time this morning for pics, i was running late for work. I watched Iron Man 2 last night and paused it when they had close ups of Scarlett Johansson's eye makeup in the movie.

Glamour Doll Eyes Shadows Haul and Swatches

By cristalena56 · April 11, 2012

I have known about this brand for a few years now. I remember being subscribed to their myspace page, back before there was facebook. I never ordered their items just looked at them from afar. While I was looking at bows and curtseys, i saw a couple looks done with their shadows and i decided i must have a few of them. So i went to their site and ordered some of the sample baggies. I got 10 samples  for $10 and change after tax and free shipping. I ordered around 2am sat morning and got them on monday. They are based out of Las Vegas.

I ordered 8 samples and got 2 free.

*Bleeding Love: Hot Pink Shimmer

*Cloud Coverage: Matte White

*Tattooed: Deep Violet

*Mingles: Matte Bright Blue

*Stiletto: Matte Fuschia

*Jailhouse Jumpsuit: Bright Orange Shimmer

*Olivia Green: Matte Medium Green

*Immature: a pretty shiny turquoise

*Lover's Lane: Deep Metallic Red

*Veteran: Dark Royal Blue with Reddish Shimmer

Jailhouse Jumpsuit, Bleeding Love, Stiletto, Tattooed, Mingles

First Swatch over NYX Milk and 2nd Swatch Dry

Immature, Olivia Green, Lover's Lane, Veteran, Cloud Coverage



Eye Look Today:

Jailhouse Jumpsuit on Inner Lid, Bleeding Love on Outer Lid, Mingles, Tattooed, and Stiletto in Crease, Cloud Coverage as a highlight.

After 10 hours(working, eyes running, driving in hot car with no ac, used NYX HD Eye Shadow Base)

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