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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Inspired Eye Look (Leonardo)

By cristalena56 · August 24, 2014
</p> <p>I can't help to sing the theme song everytime I see anything that is teenage mutant ninja turtles related. I decided to do a look when i went to see the new movie with my hubby opening weekend. We even got a mask because we are a AMC Stubs card member. I of course got a Leonardo one since he has been my favorite since I was a kid. I remember playing the game with my brothers and I was always leo (my older brother was donatello and my little brother was michaelangelo). Did anyone else get the VHS tapes from Burger King?? haha I am dating myself saying vhs.. :p 

Now that you are probably humming the song, how about the lyrics. :p
Teenage mutant ninja turtles
Teenage mutant ninja turtles
Teenage mutant ninja turtles
Heroes in a half shell, turtle power
They're the worlds most fearsome fighting teens
[ we're really hip ] Teenage mutant ninja turtles
They're heroes in a half shell and they're green
[ hey, get a grip ] Teenage mutant ninja turtles
When the evil shredder attacks
These turtle boys don't cut him no slack
Teenage mutant ninja turtles
Teenage mutant ninja turtles
Splinter taught them to be ninja teens
[ he's a radical rat ] Teenage mutant ninja turtles
Leonardo leads, Donatello does machines
[ that's a fact, Jack ] Teenage mutant ninja turtles
Raphael is K00L but rude
Michaelangelo is a party dude
Teenage mutant ninja turtles
Teenage mutant ninja turtles
Teenage mutant ninja turtles
Heroes in a half shell, turtle power
</p> <p>
Products Used:
*NYX Shadow Base White
*Glamour Doll Eyes Going Green
*My Beauty Addiction Lucky
*My Beauty Addiction Champ
*BH Cosmetics 120 Palette 2nd Edition (Green and brown)
*BFTE Crystal
*BFTE Very Vanilla
*Elf Black Cream Liner
*Benefit They're Real Mascara

</p> <p>
*Applied Eye Primer (UDPP)
*Applied White Shadow Base to Lid (NYX)
*Applied Yellow Green shade to inner 1/3 of lid (GDE Going Green)
*Blended in a Grassy Green shade to middle of the lid. (BH Cosmetics)
*Blended in a shamrock green to outer 1/3 of lid. (MBA Lucky)
*Applied brown shade to crease (BH cosmetics)
*Defined crease with a gray black shade. (Sleek Candy Palette)
*Applied Blue shade to lower lashline. (MBA Champ)
*Applied a Shiny White shade as a inner corner highlight. (BFTE Crystal)
*Applied a fleshtone color to browbone. (BFTE Very Vanilla)
*Applied Black Liner (ELF Cream Liner)
*2 Coats of Mascara (Benefit They're Real)

I probably could of applied this better but I had 3.5 to 4 hours of asleep since i've had trouble falling asleep lately. I even fell asleep towards the end of the movie... I'm pretty sure we are going to buy the 3d blu ray when it comes out, so i can see what i missed then. :p We took the motorcycle to the theater, and do you know how lame it is to be on that while falling asleep.. lol :p 

You can interchange the lower lashline color to be a different ninja turtle. These are my color suggestions. :)

*Leonardo: My Beauty Addiction Champ
*Donatelloa: My Beauty Addiction After Party
*Michaelangelo: Impulse Cosmetics Minibar Martyr
*Raphael: Lime Crime Fly Dragon Fly

</p> <p>Who was your favorite Turtle?? :)

Gryffindor House Inspired Look 1

By cristalena56 · August 24, 2012

I did a total of 3 looks but the first one was a bust and i was embarassed having to wear it to work... Though a girl at walgreens said she liked my make up.. I had to darken crease to make it not look so bad.. Im too embarassed to show a pic of it. :p I did a look using the body needs shadows but this look I used for the most part the Lime Crime China Doll Palette. For some reason this look it screams out german flag to me.. lol The colors of gryffindor are scarlet and gold. I think maroon and a golden yellow. One of my friends said this look is an inspiration for their halloween look this year. I wore my Harry Potter shirt I got from my friends at HouseofHaha. Its their Chicks Dig Scars t-shirt.


Items Used:

*NYX Shadow Base White

*Lime Crime China Doll Palette (goldfish, fly dragon fly, and Lotus Noir.)

*Glamour Doll Eyes Lover's Lane

*ELF Studio Cream Liner in Black

*Tarte Lights Camera Lashes

*I started with a primer.

*Next i applied nyx shadow base white to lid, crease, and lower lashes.

*I applied Goldfish to my lid and inner half of lower lashline.

*I then applied Fly Dragon fly to my crease and outer half of lower lashline

*I then went over it with GDE Lover's Lane.

*Then i drew a line to the upper part of my crease and then going diagonally down to lashline with Urban Decay Ransom.

*I then went over the Ransom line with Lotus Noir.

*Applied Black eyeliner to lashline.


Ever wonder what face you make when a sneeze is starting... well when taking a pictures, at 1 time i sneezed while taking a pic. 

I look drunk lol 

I couldnt think of the name of the shadows i used from this palette so i googled and found that the awesome Jangsara had done a look using the same colors. I thought i would share her pic.  


Let me know what you think of this look!!


See Also:

Slytherin House

Ravenclaw House

Hufflepuff House

Batman Inspired Make Up Look

By cristalena56 · May 6, 2012

I know Batman is a DC comic but i was so hoping they were going to have a preview for The Dark Knight Rises. They did not unfortunately. The Avengers movie was Awesome though!!!!! I can't wait to get it on blu ray and for the next movie to come out. We went and saw it in 3D. I think it was totally worth the extra few dollars to see it in 3D. We goto the movies on the weekend at AMC because movies before noon are $5(might be $5.50 now) and 3D movies are $8. I think they run this special opening to 6 Mon-Thurs. Its before noon Fri-Sun. Anyways, so i was thinking about batman and decided to come up with a look last night. Im not a big fan of the yellow. I had to try using it in a couple ways, but this is the best i could do. I first used a different yellow and it was awful. Can anybody recommend a good Yellow Shadow?? I find yellow shadow to be just like yellow nail polish, not the greatest and hard to work with.

Items Used:

*NYX Jumbo Pencil Milk and Black Bean

*Beauty From the Earth Lemon

*Glamour Doll Eyes Veteran

*The Body Needs Steal the Night

*LA Splash Glitter Rock Star

*NYX Studio Liner in Extreme Blue

*Revlon Colorstay Liquid Liner Black

*Maybelline Illegal Length Mascara

*First apply NYX HD Shadow Base (i didnt do this because i planned on taking it off right afterward).

*Next apply NYX Jumbo Pencil Milk to Lid and lower lashline.

*Smooth it out a little up into the crease.

*First I applied the BFTE Lemon a little more then half way to the lid and the inner 1/3 of the lower lashline.

*Next I applied GDE Veteran to the outer lad and the rest of the 2/3 of the lower lashline.


*Next I took a brush and applied Black Bean to the crease shaping the eye.

*Next I applied TBN Steal the night over where i put the black bean.

*I then applied LA Splash Sealer/Base to a slanted sponge brush and dipped it lightly into LA Splash Rock Star and applied it over Steal the Night.

*Next I lined my lashline with Revlon Colorstay Liquid Liner in Black.

*Went over it with NYX Studio Liner Extreme Blue.

*Applied Mascara.

For the Lips(i dont have black lipstick and couldnt find my MAC Blue Lip Mix):

*I first lined my lips with Wet n Wild Color Icon Black Liner.

*Pressed Lips together a few times.

*Next I took a Dark Shiny Blue WnW Coloricon Pencil and filled it in.

*Lined my lips again lightly with WnW Black.

*Pressed lips together a few times.


What do you think of this look?? Comment Below!! :)

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Avengers - Iron Man Make Up Look 2

By cristalena56 · May 4, 2012

I decided to make another look because i found that my Glamour Doll Eyes sample of Lover's Lane was the perfect red for an Iron Man Look. So i was just fiddling around and came up with this look.

Items Used:

*88 Original Shimmer Palette(bright red for eyes and a gold color for eye brows)

*Glamour Doll Eyes Lover's Lane

*MAC Melon Pigment

*NYX Shadow Base White

*LA Splash Red Glitter

*TBN Steal the Night (Matte Black)

*Maybelline Master Precise Liquid Eye Pen

*Maybelline One by One Mascara

*Applied NYX HD Shadow Base

*Applied Bright red to the crease to shape eye.

*Then I went over the top of it with GDE Lovers Lane.

*Applied red glitter to bright red.

*Next i applied NYX Shadow Base White to lid with a brush.

*Next I applied MAC Melon to the lid.

*Went over it with a gold color from the 88 Shimmer Palette.

*Next I applied Steal the Night to lower lashline.

*Went over it with Lovers Lane.

*Lined top lashline with Maybelline Master Precise.

*2 coats of Maybelline One by One Mascara

*With a brush I filled in my brows with a Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers Red Cream Pencil.

*Went over it with a Gold color from the 88 Shimmer Palette.

Avengers - Captain America Look 2 ( Pic Heavy)

By cristalena56 · May 3, 2012

When i was at work I saw a Captain America Toy and noticed the top of his costume. It gave me an idea for a more artistic look(though im not really a artist.). My hubby told me I was ready for the Circus when I was doing this look. I tinkered the look a few times.

Items Used:

*Urban Decay Alice (Alice in Wonderland Book of Shadows Palette)

*88 Original Palette (red shadow)

*Glamour Doll Eyes Cloud Coverage

*NYX Jumbo Pencil Milk

*NYC Liquid Liner

*Revlon Colorstay Liquid Liner

*Maybelline One by One Mascara

*Kiss Lashes

*NYX White Shadow Base

*NYX HD Shadow Base

*Applied NYX Milk from Crease to Lid

*Applied Urban Decay Alice to Browbone to eyebrows

*Then using the NYC Liquid Liner I applied a line to separate crease and brow bone.

*Next I applied Cloud Coverage to inner corner, then red, then cloud coverage, then red, then cloud coverage, then red.
*I went back over the black line with Revlon Colorstay Liquid Liner in Black.

*Then added fake lashes ( i know not very well :/)

*Lined over it ( anyone else have a problem doing this?? everytime i try lining over the lashes band my eye liner always slips off and goes above it.)

*Next I Drew stars on the outer corners of the brow bone with NYX Shadow Base White.

*Then I drew a shaping line with Revlon Colorstay.

*Then I took the lashes off and just lined my eyes with Revlon Colorstay Liquid Liner.

Comment Below What You Think!! Don't Forget to Subscribe!! :)


Edit: This could also be a Patriotic look for July 4th or Memorial Day.

88 Original Palette My Little Pony Make Up Look 2

By cristalena56 · May 3, 2012

I remembered having a pony as a little girl that had  blue, pink, and purple hair. I thought the body was a pale blueish color. I googled and came across these. This was my inspiration for my look today.

The first picture is from the 80s cartoon of the pony Gingerbread.

Items Used:

*88 Original Palette

*Glamour Doll Eyes Mingles

*Maybelline Master Precise Liquid Eye Pen

*Maybelline One by One Mascara

*Applied NYX HD Shadow Base

*First applied Glamour Doll Eyes Mingles to lower half of the crease and shaped lid.

*Next i applied above mingles the purple shadow.

*Then the pink above the purple.

*Next i applied the light blue to my lid.

*Lined my upperlashline with Maybelline Master Precise Liquid Eye Pen.

*Then Maybelline One by One Mascara

What do you think??? Comment Below!! :)

Avengers - Black Widow Makeup Look

By cristalena56 · April 16, 2012

Next up in my Avengers series we have Black Widow. I was inspired by the makeup Scarlett Johansson was wearing in Iron Man 2. I paused the movie when their was a close up of her when she was at Hammer's Lab(???) trying to hack into the Ironman suit Rhodes was wearing. I saw she had a shiny white in the inner corner, and gray all over the lid, with a shiny white highlight. It looked bare on the lower lashes but her eye was line with a charcoal black.

Items Used:


*88 Original Palette

*Glamour Dolls Cloud Coverage

*Urban Decay Loose Shadow in Yeyo

*Wet n Wild Coloricon Pencil in Charcoal

*Kiss Fake Lashes

*Maybelline Volume Express One by One Mascara

*Maybelline Master Precise Liquid Eye Pen


*MAC Mineralize Satin Finish

*Physicians Formula Natural Powder Blush in Poppy


*NYX Color Lip Balm in Grazie

*NYC Ultra Moist Lip Wear in Dubonnet

You can see that im not very good at putting fake lashes on and no matter what eye liner i tried to use i couldnt get it to go on right or cover to make the fake lashes line blend in..

*I started out by using NYX HD Eye Shadow Base

*Next I took WnW Charcoal and Drew a line to shape my eye for the gray shadow.

*I then filled it in and smudged it with a shadow brush.

*Next I applied Glamour Dolls Cloud Coverage to the inner corner of lid.

*Then patted on top UD Yeyo.

*Next I took the gray from the 88 Palette that was a close match to the gray the comic book character wore and patted it on to the rest of my lid, filling in where i had lined my eye.

*Next I took a lighter gray and patted it on top because in the movie the gray seemed to be a little lighter.

*Next I took my brush and dipped it into Cloud Coverage and Yeyo and applied it as a highlight.

*I then lined my upper lashline with Master Precise and winged it out a bit.

*Next I applied my Mascara.

*Then I applied the fake lashes to complete the look.

*I decided i didnt like the fake lashes because im not very good at applying them. So i took them off and just reapplied my liner.

Notes: Next time i think I will just use Yeyo as a highlight and leave out the Cloud Coverage. I however would still use Cloud Coverage in the inner corner of the lid. I hope you liked my look and don't forget to COMMENT/SUBSCRIBE!! :) Thanks for visiting!! I cant believe I already have 12 followers on Hello Cotton!! Awesome!! :)

Avengers - Incredible Hulk Makeup Look Revamp

By cristalena56 · April 11, 2012

I decided to do the Hulk Look for work today but i couldnt find my Olivia Green. So i opted to use my 88 Original Palette instead. I didnt use immature either. Sorry in advance for my scary face picture. I was in a hurry this morning. I see that i have make up in my hair that i hadnt brushed yet. I also didnt have any lip balm or anything on yet.

I did everything the same except i substituted 2 greens from the 88 Original palette for Immature and Olivia Green. I also took the black and went over the Veteran.

I think its more of a hulk look anyways. Now its more green :)

Which look do you prefer, the revamp or original?? Let me know in the comments below. :)

Avengers - Incredible Hulk Glamour Doll Eyes Makeup Look

By cristalena56 · April 11, 2012

Next up in my Avengers Series, we have the Incredible Hulk. I decided to play around with some of my new glamour doll eye shadows.

ITems Used:

*Glamour Doll Eyes Immature

*Glamour Doll Eyes Olivia Green

*Glamour Doll Eyes Veteran

*Glamour Doll Eyes Cloud Coverage

*MAC Grape Pigment

*NYX Studio Liner in Extreme Purple

*Cargo Swimmable Eye Liner  in Electric Violet

*Maybelline Volume Express One by One

*Rimmel London Lasting Finish Foundation

*Maybelline Coverstick in Fair 01

*Physicians Formula Blush

*NYC Lipstick

*Applied NYX HD Eye Shadow Base

*NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk on lid

*Smoothed it out

*Patted on Immature onto the inner half of the lid.

*Patted on Olivia Green on the outer Half of the lid.


*Shaped the eye with Veteran and brushed it into the crease rounding out to the bottom lash line.

*Applied MAC Grape to lower lashline.

*2 coats of NYX Studio Liner on my upper lashline.

*Cargo Extreme Violet to my lower lashline and waterline.

*Then 2 coats of Maybelline Volume Express One by One Mascara

Glamour Doll Eyes Shadows Haul and Swatches

By cristalena56 · April 11, 2012

I have known about this brand for a few years now. I remember being subscribed to their myspace page, back before there was facebook. I never ordered their items just looked at them from afar. While I was looking at bows and curtseys, i saw a couple looks done with their shadows and i decided i must have a few of them. So i went to their site and ordered some of the sample baggies. I got 10 samples  for $10 and change after tax and free shipping. I ordered around 2am sat morning and got them on monday. They are based out of Las Vegas.

I ordered 8 samples and got 2 free.

*Bleeding Love: Hot Pink Shimmer

*Cloud Coverage: Matte White

*Tattooed: Deep Violet

*Mingles: Matte Bright Blue

*Stiletto: Matte Fuschia

*Jailhouse Jumpsuit: Bright Orange Shimmer

*Olivia Green: Matte Medium Green

*Immature: a pretty shiny turquoise

*Lover's Lane: Deep Metallic Red

*Veteran: Dark Royal Blue with Reddish Shimmer

Jailhouse Jumpsuit, Bleeding Love, Stiletto, Tattooed, Mingles

First Swatch over NYX Milk and 2nd Swatch Dry

Immature, Olivia Green, Lover's Lane, Veteran, Cloud Coverage



Eye Look Today:

Jailhouse Jumpsuit on Inner Lid, Bleeding Love on Outer Lid, Mingles, Tattooed, and Stiletto in Crease, Cloud Coverage as a highlight.

After 10 hours(working, eyes running, driving in hot car with no ac, used NYX HD Eye Shadow Base)

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