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Halloween 2013 - Despicable Me Minion Part 2. Makeup and Costume

By cristalena56 · October 30, 2013

I bought my costume at Spirit Halloween. But MACBARBIE07 shows you how to make your own. I posted the video in my Part 1 post. 

The costume came with stockings but i opted for leggings. The costume was a tiny bit shorter then I liked, so thats why i chose leggings. 

I redid my makeup for this post and i think it looked better the first time..

Items Used:
*NYX Milk
*BFTE Lemon
*The Body Needs Aspen Gold
*Elf Liquid Liner
*UD 24/7 Liner in Radium
*Elizabeth Mott Volumizing Mascara

*Primer (UD Greed)
*Apply White Base to Lid. (NYX Milk)
*Apply Bright Yellow to Lid. (BFTE Lemon. The night of the party I also used the neon yellow shade from sleek acid palette.)
*Apply greenish gold to the crease and blend into outer corner of lid. (TBN Aspen Gold)
*Apply Yellow and Gold to lower lashline.
*Line eyes with Black Eyeliner. (ELF Liquid Liner)
*Apply Bright Blue to Waterline. (UD 24/7 Liner Radium)
*Highlight with a white or flesh color shade.  (BFTE Very Vanilla)
*2 Coats of Mascara (Elizabeth Mott Volumizing Mascara)

Halloween 2013 - Despicable Me Minion Part 1. Accessories

By cristalena56 · October 28, 2013
I went to a Halloween Party on Saturday and I went dressed up as a minion. Guess who won best costume.. This girl did!! :D 

I bought my costume at Spirit Halloween but I got some ideas for accessories when I came across the Minion Spook Book by Bethany Motta (MACBARBIE07)

<iframe width="420" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/S9slzmz6n64" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen=""></iframe>

I just ordered a yellow beanie off of ebay ($1.50) and I got some pipe cleaners from Hobby Lobby (97 cents).

*i cut up some of the pipe cleaners and put them through the top of my beanie to make hair. 

Items for Goggles:
*2 2-in round PVC Pipe cut at an angle. (Bought the smallest one at Home Depot for $3.00)
*6 Nuts (6 cents each at Lowes)
*Elastic ($1.25 at Hobby Lobby)
*Gray Fast Dry Spray Paint ($1.57 at Walmart)
*2 Toilet Paper Rolls (Cut them up to make the outside accent)
*Twisty Tie
*Hot Glue Gun and Glue
*Needle and Thread

*First cut 2 pieces of PVC Pipe at an angle. (My hubby made mine too big, but oh well).
*I then took the tp rolls and cut them into strips.
*I then placed them around the pvc pipe. (I taped them on but glue might work better).
*I then glued on the nuts. (3 on each)
*I then sprayed painted them with the gray fast drying spray paint. (I waited til the next day to put them together.)
*Then I drilled holes on the sides where you are going to place them together.
*Then I took a twist tie to put them together.

*To make sure they held together I applied some hot glue on the outside in the middle on both sides. 

*Then I drilled holes on the outside and using the needle and thread I sewed on the elastic.

*Then using more hot glue I applied the foam. This makes the goggles more comfortable to wear.

I applied it kind of sloppily but it works. :p



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