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Man of Steel EOTD

By cristalena56 · May 28, 2013

This past weekend was the Annual Phoenix Comicon indowntown phoenix at the convention center. My hubbyand I go every year. We are hoping to one of these days goto the San Diego one. (This one is super hard to get tickets for!!)

I decided for the first day I would wear a Superman look and wear my superman shirt complete with cape. lol I got it for like $8.00 last year at wal-mart of all places. I thought it would be good since the new Superman movie is coming out next week. The sexy Henry Cavill (Count of Monte Cristo, Tudors, Immortals, etc...) is the new "Man of Steel". <3 Haha This makes me think way back to the MSN Chat days and he was actually a contact on my MSN Messenger. He had added me but I could never get up the guts to actually message him. The only thing he had been in at the time was a couple british stuff and the Count of Monte Cristo. I think I made one of his first fan pages. lol 

A couple weeks ago BFTE came out with a new pro color, Shine Bright. It was the color of the week 3 weeks ago and i've yet to see it on the website in the pro colors section. Its a bright sunny yellow with silver shimmer. I thought it would be perfect to use for my superman look. The blue I used didnt show up well in the pictures. Also I should have added a blue to my waterline to complete the look. (I would have used either my Cargo Swimmable Blue or UD Radium) 

Items Used:
*Urban Decay Primer Potion Eden
*NYX Yellow Pencil Liner
*BFTE Shine Bright
*BFTE Electric
*BFTE Meteor Shower
*BFTE Addicted
*BFTE Crystal
*Eye Kandy Cosmetics Liquid Sugar
*Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers Confetti Glitter
*Elf Black Cream Liner

<a target="_blank" href="http://media3.onsugar.com/files/2013/05/28/297/n/11329888/c062fb8bce02b4ba_bftesupermanmu.jpg">Shine Bright, Addicted, Electric, Meteor Shower, Crystal

</a>Shine Bright, Addicted, Electric, Meteor Shower, Crystal

</p> <p>*Primer (UDPP Eden)
*Apply Cut Crease with Blue Shadow (BFTE Electric)
*Blend with Sparkly Grayish Black Shadow (BFTE Meteor Shower)
*Fill in lid with Yellow Base. (NYX Yellow Pencil Liner)
*Apply Yellow Shadow to Lid. (BFTE Shine Bright)
*Apply Red Shadow to Lower Lashline. (BFTE Addicted)
*Using a Glitter Adhesive (Eye Kandy Cosmetics Liquid Sugar) Apply a line of sparkly glitter (Fantasy Makers Confetti) where the yellow and blue meet. Starting 2/3 of the way in and making it to the outer corner. Fill in the corner with a little more glitter.
*Highlighted with Shiny White Shadow. (BFTE Crystal)
*Apply Black liner. (ELF Black Cream Liner)
*2 Coats of Mascara (Maybelline Falsies)
*You could finish the look applying a Blue Liner to the waterline and using false lashes.</p>

<a target="_blank" href="http://www.bftecosmetics.com/Limited_c_60.html">

</a>You can find all the colors I used at the BFTE Cosmetics Website. Samples are $2.00 and Full Size are $6.00. Its the same price whether its a pro color or not. A good way to try out their shadows is by ordering the Color of the Week Special. (Full Size COTW and 3 Samples of your Choice)

Notes: I didnt realize Leesha (XSPARKAGE) was at the comicon all weekend. I think I saw her once because I remember thinking to myself, that girl looks like Leesha. I would have totally gotten a pic with her, if I had seen her and realized it was her. She's the reason i'm into all these bright colors and just makeup in general. 


Harley Quinn Make Up Look Part 2

By cristalena56 · May 8, 2012

Continuing on from Part 1

Then i decided my brows looked out of place with the look, so i filled them in with NYX Jumbo Pencil Black Bean.

Then i just decided to shape my whole eye.

Finally I just filled in til it was a mask.

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Harley Quinn Make Up Look Part 1

By cristalena56 · May 8, 2012

Yesterday for work i attempted at a joker look but it was a fail. Last night though i was trying to think of another batman character to try out and i thought of harley quinn. I'm thinking about maybe doing this one for one of the days i goto the comicon. My hubby really liked my look. When i was taking pics i made a few changes like I did with my 2nd Captain America Look. It started out as an eye look and developed into a masked look. I think i look kind of freaky TBH lol

Items Used:

*NYX White Shadow Base

*The Body Needs Steal the Night

*88 Original Palette - Red

*NYX Jumbo Pencil Black Bean

*Physicians Formula Blush (name has rubbed off, its like a brick red)

*Wet n Wild Color Icon Black Eye Liner

*Victoria Secret Very Sexy Lip Luster in Fired Up

*First I applied NYX Shadow Base White to my lid, crease, and lower lashline.

*I first applied the Red Checkers using the Red from the 88 Original Palette.

*Next I filled in the black squares with TBN Steal the Night.

*I then lined the checkers with Revlon Colorstay Liquid Liner and shaped the eye.

*I then Red, then Black, then Red to my lowerlashline.

*Next I filled in the brow bone with NYX Shadow Base White.

*I then took a small brush and drew diamonds with NYX Jumbo Pencil Black Bean. (you could also use a eyeliner pen. I just need to buy a new one. I find Jordana In Color Fabuliner works good for drawing things.)

*Went over the diamonds with TBN Steal the Night.

*Then applied Mascara.

I couldn't choose just a couple face pics. Click on them to see them full size. :)

While taking pics I realized I forgot the eyeliner. Revlon Colorstay Liquid Liner was nearby so i applied that to my upperlashline.

continue onto Part 2...

Batman Inspired Make Up Look

By cristalena56 · May 6, 2012

I know Batman is a DC comic but i was so hoping they were going to have a preview for The Dark Knight Rises. They did not unfortunately. The Avengers movie was Awesome though!!!!! I can't wait to get it on blu ray and for the next movie to come out. We went and saw it in 3D. I think it was totally worth the extra few dollars to see it in 3D. We goto the movies on the weekend at AMC because movies before noon are $5(might be $5.50 now) and 3D movies are $8. I think they run this special opening to 6 Mon-Thurs. Its before noon Fri-Sun. Anyways, so i was thinking about batman and decided to come up with a look last night. Im not a big fan of the yellow. I had to try using it in a couple ways, but this is the best i could do. I first used a different yellow and it was awful. Can anybody recommend a good Yellow Shadow?? I find yellow shadow to be just like yellow nail polish, not the greatest and hard to work with.

Items Used:

*NYX Jumbo Pencil Milk and Black Bean

*Beauty From the Earth Lemon

*Glamour Doll Eyes Veteran

*The Body Needs Steal the Night

*LA Splash Glitter Rock Star

*NYX Studio Liner in Extreme Blue

*Revlon Colorstay Liquid Liner Black

*Maybelline Illegal Length Mascara

*First apply NYX HD Shadow Base (i didnt do this because i planned on taking it off right afterward).

*Next apply NYX Jumbo Pencil Milk to Lid and lower lashline.

*Smooth it out a little up into the crease.

*First I applied the BFTE Lemon a little more then half way to the lid and the inner 1/3 of the lower lashline.

*Next I applied GDE Veteran to the outer lad and the rest of the 2/3 of the lower lashline.


*Next I took a brush and applied Black Bean to the crease shaping the eye.

*Next I applied TBN Steal the night over where i put the black bean.

*I then applied LA Splash Sealer/Base to a slanted sponge brush and dipped it lightly into LA Splash Rock Star and applied it over Steal the Night.

*Next I lined my lashline with Revlon Colorstay Liquid Liner in Black.

*Went over it with NYX Studio Liner Extreme Blue.

*Applied Mascara.

For the Lips(i dont have black lipstick and couldnt find my MAC Blue Lip Mix):

*I first lined my lips with Wet n Wild Color Icon Black Liner.

*Pressed Lips together a few times.

*Next I took a Dark Shiny Blue WnW Coloricon Pencil and filled it in.

*Lined my lips again lightly with WnW Black.

*Pressed lips together a few times.


What do you think of this look?? Comment Below!! :)

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