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Missoni For Target Passione Cosmetic Box

By cristalena56 · September 20, 2011

I'm sure everyone by now has heard about the craze at Target lately. People wanting that zig zag print or many people just trying to make a buck off the fashionistas looking for a brand they love at a fraction of the cost. I was actually one of those looking or the cute zig zag going to store to store hoping to find that one item.. I atually found the scarf yesterday i was looking for and was severely disappointed by it.. My Coach silk scarf i paid $10 for at the outlet is waaaayyyyyy better quality.. Though i did buy a full line coach scarf on clearance. So i went to a target yesterday and was so disappointed when i was walking back towards the cosmetics department and a lady quickly walked by me with her basket stuffed full of missoni merchandise. I then saw a lady with a cart with a few missoni cosmetic bags. I saw the display and to my dismay everything was gone. So i walked back towards the store and saw the first lady dump her basket out at the register and i saw all the things i wanted :( I thought they were putting a limit on these things?? anyways.. So i walked around the store checking back to see if the other lady would happen to put anything back. I contemplated going to another store because the disappointment was setting in but something kept telling me to stay. Half an hour or so goes by and the lady with the cart ended up putting everything back except the med purse kit. So i had a choice between the passione valet, passione cosmetic box, or the famiglia rectangle kit. This is what i chose.. it retails for $16.99


I love that it has slots to fit my make up brushes, pockets to add stuff, and then just a big pouch to hold everything else. Im really happy i was able to get this and thanks lady for putting it back :)


sorry for my crappy photos.. my camera needs batteries so i took with my phone..

Mac Brush Dupes

By cristalena56 · January 31, 2011

I have been hearing for awhile about these brushes being dupes for mac brushes. I'm too poor to own any mac brushes..  I have seen these dupes in person and felt them before, i just didnt know which ones were the dupe for what. I finally found a list of them though :D


MAC: 239 3/8?
Loew-Cornell: Maxine’s Mop
Use: Shading Brush

MAC: 150
Loew-Cornell: XXL Round
Use: Large Powder Brush

MAC: 129
Loew-Cornell: 1? Round 277
Use: Powder Blush Brush

MAC: 134 and 136
Loew-Cornell: 1? Maxine’s Mop
Use: XXl Powder Brush

MAC: 208
Loew-Cornell: 1/8? Angled
Use: Angled Brow Brush

MAC: 266
Loew-Cornell: 1/4? Angled
Use: Small Angle Brush

MAC: 269
Loew-Cornell: 3/8? Angled
Use:*Medium Angle Brush

MAC: 194
Loew-Cornell: #8 Filbert
Use: Concealer Brush

MAC: 228
Loew-Cornell: 1/4? Maxine’s Mop
Use: Mini Shader Brush

MAC: 190
Loew-Cornell: 1? Filbert
Use:*Foundation Brush

MAC: 217
Loew-Cornell: 1/4? Amm Mini Mop
Use:*Blending Brush

MAC: 222 and 224
Loew-Cornell: 272 Dome Round (M)
Use: Blending Brush

MAC: 252
Loew-Cornell: 270 Maxinne Mop

Use:*Large Shader Brush

Mr Pumice Pumi Bar

By cristalena56 · October 7, 2010

  • Jumbo size block
  • Extra Coarse
  • Can be sterlized--Anti-bacterial solution safe

Use to keep feet, hands, and elbows beautiful and free of dead, rough skin.


Picked the pink one up from SALLY's to give myself a home pedicure. It cost $1.69 at Sally's. I believe this is the one they use when you get a pedicure done at the NAIL DEPOT in Glendale. It cleans really well and takes the dead skin off good without it tearing up your skin. It works super fast. Took about a minute or 2 for each foot. Made my feet smooth.


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