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Avengers - Black Widow Makeup Look

By cristalena56 · April 16, 2012

Next up in my Avengers series we have Black Widow. I was inspired by the makeup Scarlett Johansson was wearing in Iron Man 2. I paused the movie when their was a close up of her when she was at Hammer's Lab(???) trying to hack into the Ironman suit Rhodes was wearing. I saw she had a shiny white in the inner corner, and gray all over the lid, with a shiny white highlight. It looked bare on the lower lashes but her eye was line with a charcoal black.

Items Used:


*88 Original Palette

*Glamour Dolls Cloud Coverage

*Urban Decay Loose Shadow in Yeyo

*Wet n Wild Coloricon Pencil in Charcoal

*Kiss Fake Lashes

*Maybelline Volume Express One by One Mascara

*Maybelline Master Precise Liquid Eye Pen


*MAC Mineralize Satin Finish

*Physicians Formula Natural Powder Blush in Poppy


*NYX Color Lip Balm in Grazie

*NYC Ultra Moist Lip Wear in Dubonnet

You can see that im not very good at putting fake lashes on and no matter what eye liner i tried to use i couldnt get it to go on right or cover to make the fake lashes line blend in..

*I started out by using NYX HD Eye Shadow Base

*Next I took WnW Charcoal and Drew a line to shape my eye for the gray shadow.

*I then filled it in and smudged it with a shadow brush.

*Next I applied Glamour Dolls Cloud Coverage to the inner corner of lid.

*Then patted on top UD Yeyo.

*Next I took the gray from the 88 Palette that was a close match to the gray the comic book character wore and patted it on to the rest of my lid, filling in where i had lined my eye.

*Next I took a lighter gray and patted it on top because in the movie the gray seemed to be a little lighter.

*Next I took my brush and dipped it into Cloud Coverage and Yeyo and applied it as a highlight.

*I then lined my upper lashline with Master Precise and winged it out a bit.

*Next I applied my Mascara.

*Then I applied the fake lashes to complete the look.

*I decided i didnt like the fake lashes because im not very good at applying them. So i took them off and just reapplied my liner.

Notes: Next time i think I will just use Yeyo as a highlight and leave out the Cloud Coverage. I however would still use Cloud Coverage in the inner corner of the lid. I hope you liked my look and don't forget to COMMENT/SUBSCRIBE!! :) Thanks for visiting!! I cant believe I already have 12 followers on Hello Cotton!! Awesome!! :)

Crown Brush 88 Palette Hawkeye Make Up look

By cristalena56 · April 4, 2012

So 2nd up for my Avengers look is Hawkeye. His colors are Blue and Purple. I decided to use my new 88 Palette that I just got in the mail for this look. I hope you like it. :)

Items Used:


*88 Original Palette

*88 Shimmer Palette - Shimmer version of the fuschia purple

*NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk

*Maybelline Master Precise Liquid Pen

*NYX Studio Liquid Liner in Extreme Purple and Extreme Blue

*Maybelline Illegal Length Mascara


*Sephora Lipstick - Purple(no name)

*MAC Blue Lipmix


*Tarte Natural Cheek Stain - Flush


*Primer to Lids

*NYX Milk to lids, crease, and under lower lashline.

*Applied 88 palette blue(yellow square) to the lids.

*Then the fuschia purple(pink square) to the crease.

*Then took the shimmer version from the 88 Ultra Shimmer palette and applied over in the crease.

*Next i took the 2 purple shadows(purple rectangle) and applied them to the outer corner blending outwards and then rounding out to the bottom lashes outer corner.

*Next i applied the fuschia to the lower lashline.

*Then the blue and blended.

*Next i lined my upper and lower lashline with Maybelline Master Precise Pen.

*Then 2 coats of the NYX Extreme Purple on my upper lashline.

*1 coat of NYX Extreme Blue on my lower lashline.

*Followed by Mascara.


*Applied Sephora Purple Lipstick to my lips.

*Then i took my Loreal HIP lip brush and applied MAC Blue Lipmix to the middle of my lips.

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Coastal Scents - Iron man look

By cristalena56 · April 4, 2012

First up for my Avengers Looks. duh duh nuh nuh Iron Man. I wore this look to work yesterday and of course i had to stop to allow people to admire the look for the day. lol I thought this would be a good look for the Comicon coming up in May. I don't know yet if im going. I just like to go to see some of the artwork and see the celebrity guests. You can find out about the Phoenix Comicon Here.

Items Used:


*Coastal Scents 88 Shimmer Palette

*Beauty From the Earth Lemon

*Urban Decay Naked Palette - Creep

*NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk

*Maybelline Master Precise Liquid Pen

*Maybelline Illegal Length Mascara

*La Splash Primer

*NYX Jumbo Pencil to lid.

*BFTE Lemon to middle of lid.

*Coastal Scents Red to inner and outer corner of lid.

*Coastal Scents Black and Urban Decay Creep in Crease.

*Coastal Scents Light Peach/Pink duochrome as a highlight.

*Line eyes with Maybelline Master Precise Liquid Pen.

*Then Mascara.

*You could apply Fake Lashes to complete the look. Im not very good at putting them on or I would have. I found the Kiss Lashes at the Dollar Tree.

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Strawberries and Champagne - Beauty From the Earth EOTD

By cristalena56 · February 6, 2012


I got 2 sample baggies in my Beauty From the Earth Blogger Set. For some reason i forgot to post this when i wrote about the other items. Excuse my messy hair in the pics below. I had taken a shower right before this. Was getting ready to go pick my mom up from the airport. I think this could easily be used for a Valentines Day Look.

Items Used:

*BFTE Bubbles - Peachy Pink Duochrome

*BFTE Stunning - Magenta Pink

*Maybelline Master Drama Precise Pen Liner

*Maybelline Illegal Length Fiber Extensions Mascara


*First I applied NYX Milk to my lids and blended out.

*Next I applied Bubbles onto my lids and to my lower lashline.

*Next I applied Stunning to my crease and rounded it to my lower lashline outer corner.

*Next I applied Maybelline Master Drama Precise Liner and winged out.

*Applied Illegal Length Mascara.

*MAC Tippy Blush

*Revlon Just Bitten Lipstain in Passion


Bubbles is a peachy pink duochrome with a sheen finish. I adored this color. It was love at first sight. I need to order the full size version because i see myself using it a lot. It stayed put and applied smoothly. Didnt take much product to be opaque on the lid.

Stunning is a Magenta Pink with a sheen finish. This one wanted to apply sheer and took a lot of product to show up. Had to keep applying more and more to the crease to get more depth. Too bad really because its a really pretty color. I might need to try it again. I came across another sample i had in classy which i think i could add to this look.

Final Verdict: These colors did last though through my eyes that were having an allergic attack all day. I love BFTE shadows. Some shadows though can be hit or miss. They might look beautiful when you look at them but when applied not very good color payoff. Some also can apply vibrant but in a few min the vibrancy dims. These 2 however vibrancy lasted. Was just disappointed in the color payoff of stunning. Wish it didnt take like 3 or 4 swipes to get the color payoff i was wanting. :/ Bubbles though i highly recommend.

Chocolate Covered Raspberry

By cristalena56 · February 6, 2012

Went to the Downtown Glendale Chocolate Festival Affaire on Sat with my hubby. Its a festival they have annually in the beginning of February. One of the big sponsors is Cerreta. I was told they bought the rights to be the only ones to sell chocolate covered strawberries. Theres all these little booths selling chocolate, wooden roses, dog collars, bath beads, lotions, kettle corn, art, coffee, cocktail mixes, wine, bbq sauce, seasonings and soup, etc... Theres horse and carriage rides, which i got to go on last year. :D So we first stopped to get some wooden roses. They are actually the flowers i had for my wedding 7 years ago(02/19/05). I saw them at a art walk when i was in fl. A french guy named Jean(big shocker lol) made them for us. :) Then we got chocolate covered strawberry, cerreta mint chocolate truffles, candy bars, chocolate mint fudge, chocolate covered cheesecake, lemon cupcake, peppermint cupcake, chocolate drizzled banana and brownie kebob, and a carmel covered apple with peanuts. We took it all home because it was too crowded to enjoy anything :( When leaving we got some home made root beer which is yum. For $4 you get a mug and either get just root beer, a root bear float, or a root beer slushie. Every refill is a $1. We brought our mug from 2 festivals ago and got another.

So I decided to do a look that made me think of chocolate of course.

Items Used:

*Maybelline Color Tattoo Pomegranate Punk

*ELF 24k 15 Piece Palette

*ELF Classic Palette

*Maybelline Master Drama Precise Pen Liner in Black

*Tarte Emphaseyes Clay Liner in Black

*MAC Tippy Blush

*Revlon Just Bitten Lipstain in Passion

*Revlon Pink Lip Gloss

*Maybelline Illegal Length Fiber Extensions Mascara

*I first applied Pomegranate Punk to my lids.

*I then dabbed my shadow brush into the bright red in the classic palette and the brick red in the 24k palette and patted it onto my lids over the PP. I think also applied it to my lower lashline.

*Next I took the brown from the elf palette and put it in my crease and rounded it around to the outer corner of my lower lashline.

*Next I Applied the Tarte Liner to my upper lashline.

*Next I went over with Master Drama Precise Liquid Liner Pen and winged it out.

*Next I applied Illegal Length Mascara.

I did this look in like 5 min lol because my hubby was wanting to leave and i had did my foundation 3 times because my skin just wasnt wanting to work with my foundation. :/ I think this would be a good vday look. :)

Tropical Paradise - Beauty From the Earth

By cristalena56 · January 23, 2012

This i tried a few different ways before i decided on this one and wore it yesterday. I got these when bftecosmetics.com was having a blogger set sale. They had 4(?) different categories to choose from(bright and bold, metallic and jewel, neutral, and another one.). I picked bright and bold of course. It was $12.00 for 3 full size and 3 samples, you just didnt know what you got. My 3 full size are Wacky, Wave, and Ying Yang.

Items Used:

*Maybelline Color Tattoo - Too Cool

*NYX Jumbo Pencil - Milk

*Beauty From the Earth Shadow Wacky

*Beauty From the Earth Shadow Wave

*Beauty From the Earth Shadow Ying Yang

*NYX Studio Liner - Exteme Blue

*Maybelline Illegal Length Fiber Extenstion Mascara

*First I applied Too Cool on lids and blended out with my finger

*Next i went over Too Cool with NYX Milk

*I applied Ying Yang in the first 1/3 of my lid and blended it into the crease. Then i applied it to my lower lash lineand blendedit up to my outer 1/3 of lid.

*Next I applied Wacky to the mid of my lid, and blended. Packed then on a little more. Then i applied it to the mid of my lower lashline.

*Next I applied  Wave to my crease. I then wet a brush and dipped it into wave and went over it trying to pack on more color(its not the best pigmented shadow.)


*Next I applied Extreme Blue to my upper lashline, winging it out.

*Lastly I applied Illegal Length Mascara

Absalom Make Up Look

By cristalena56 · October 14, 2010

This is what i did today for work. I think it also screams out malificent from sleeping beauty :)

For this look I used NYC MILK Pencil and from the BOS III:

Kush, Loaded, and Rockstar

*First I applied NYC MILK all over my eye.

*Next I applied KUSH all over my lid

*Then I applied KUSH under my lower lash line.

*Next I started from the middle of my crease i put a thin line of LOADED.

*I took some more LOADED and applied it to the lower lash line.

*Next I applied ROCKSTAR into my Crease

(though i found that this color is hard to work with)

*Then i applied black fabuliner on my upper lash line.

*I then applied ZERO to my lower waterline.

*Last i applied Maybelline Falsies Mascara

*I finished the look with Everyday Minerals Walkee Talkee


Sally Hansen Smile Brightening Lip Treatment in Radiant

Provided by website-hit-counters.com site.

Too Faced Vampire Vixen

By cristalena56 · October 10, 2010

*Primed and Poreless

*Amazing Face Foundation

*Foiled Liner in Black Beauty

*LashGASM Mascara

*Lip of Luxury in Drop Dead Red

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