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Simple Valentine's Day Look - Peaches n Cream

By cristalena56 · January 27, 2014

I got BFTE Faith from my Cyber Monday BFTE Grab Bag. I've been obsessed with it lately and wear it almost everyday. I decided to do an easy vday look using it. I think I might wear this when I goto the chocolate festival in a couple weeks. :)

Products Used:
*MAC Expensive Pink
*BFTE Faith
*Darling Girl Cosmetics Rainbow Brite
*BFTE Hollywood Secrets
* Inglot 82
*BFTE Very Vanilla
*Salty Cosmetics Glamazoid
*E.L.F. Black Liquid Liner
*Benefit They're Real Mascara

*Apply Primer. (Urban Decay Greed)
*Applied Expensive Pink to Lid
*Patted Rainbow Brite on top.
*Applied Faith to the Crease
*Applied Hollywood Secrets to lower lashline.
*Blended Inglot 82 onto the lower lashline.
*Added Glamazoid as an inner highlight.
*Dusted Very Vanilla onto the brow bone.
*Applied a wing line with Elf Liquid Liner
*2 coats of They're Real Mascara
*Black Pencil liner to waterline.

Golden Summer EOTD

By cristalena56 · May 19, 2013
Its been warming up here (the 90s). Which means summer is right around the corner. It was even in the 90s when I was in Vegas last weekend. Lately i've been sporting some gold looks. I decided to try out a couple of my new Inglot colors I got while in Vegas. 
Since I burn instead of tanning, I can at least warm up my eyes with shadow and my face with blush/bronzer. </p>

<a target="_blank" href="http://media3.onsugar.com/files/2013/05/18/312/n/11329888/e405dd95d98a5601_foolsgold31.jpg">

</a>Items Used:
`*Inglot 15
*Inglot 82
*BFTE Guilty Pleasures
*BFTE Autumn
*BFTE Casablanca Nights
*BFTE Very Vanilla
*NYX Yellow Pencil
*ELF Cream Liner Black
*Maybelline Falsies
*Studio Gear Flawless Foundation
*MAC Blush in Spaced Out
*Juice Beauty Pink Gloss (May Glam Bag)

*Cut crease with Guilty Pleasures
*Fill in lid with NYX Yellow Liner
*Autumn to inner half of lid.
*Inglot 15 to middle half of lid.
*Inglot 82 to outer half of lid.
*Casablanca Nights to lower lashline.
*Highlighted with Very Vanilla.
*Lined eyes with Elf Cream liner.
*2 coats of Falsies Mascara

I made a picture tutorial.


Casey Kelp Snork Inspired

By cristalena56 · January 13, 2013
</p> <p>Anyone remember the Snorks?? This was one of my favorite cartoons growing up. My hubby got me the first season for christmas. <3 </p>

When I was looking at FB a couple days ago I saw one of the beauty pages (FacebyEmily) had just posted a pic for a Snorks Makeup Look Collaboration. I saw that Casey was left, so I chose her. I would have chosen Allstar but he was taken. 

I wasn't sure what to do for this look, so I was just playing around and came up with this. Hopefully it turned out ok. :)

Items Used:

*NYX Jumbo Pencil Milk
*TBN Shimmers Gold
*TBN Amethyst
*TBN Matte Violet
*BFTE Vega
*Mon Ennui Pervert
*TBN Vampy
*TBN Chaos
*UD 24/7 Liner Empire
*Bare Minerals Flawless Defintion Volumizing Mascara

<a target="_blank" href="http://media4.onsugar.com/files/2013/01/02/0/1132/11329888/d01db40f1f57e180_casey22a.jpg">


<a target="_blank" href="http://media3.onsugar.com/files/2013/01/02/0/1132/11329888/107b9418e97c7b1b_casey18d.jpg">

</a>*Applied Eye Primer (Elf)
*Applied white base to lid. (NYX Jumbo Pencil Milk)
*Applied white gold shimmer to lid. (TBN Shimmers Gold)
*Applied Lighter Purple over white gold shimmer. (TBN Amethyst)
*Applied Magenta shadow to crease. (TBN Matte Violet)
*Applied a blurple color to lower crease. (BFTE Vega)
*Applied Lighter Purple to lower lashline. (TBN Amethyst)
*Applied Blurple to outer half of lower lashline. (BFTE Vega)
*Drew a hourglass to outer corner of eye.
*Filled in with green shadow. (Mon Ennui Cosmetics Pervert)
*Drew a pony tail.
*Filled in with a brownish red shadow. (TBN Vampy)
*Added also in some red orange shadow. (TBN Chaos)
*Drew some strands in.
*Lined eye and waterline with purple liner. (UD 24/7 Liner Empire)
*2 coats of Mascara (BM Flawless Definition Volumizing Mascara)

Items Used:
*NYX Jumbo Pencil Milk
*TBN Amethyst
*TBN Shimmers Gold
*TBN Blackened Violet
*Mon Ennui Cosmetics Per-vert
*UD 24/7 Liner Empire
*MAC Pearlglide Liner in Undercurrent
*BM Flawless Definition Volumizing Mascara

<a target="_blank" href="http://media1.onsugar.com/files/2013/01/02/0/1132/11329888/ad2e867e189cc870_casey31b.jpg">


<a target="_blank" href="http://media4.onsugar.com/files/2013/01/02/0/1132/11329888/3c876c3215454eaa_casey34.jpg">

</a>*Applied Eye Primer. (ELF)
*Applied white base to lid. (NYX Jumbo Pencil Milk)
*Applied Lighter Purple to lid. (TBN Amethyst)
*Applied green shadow to crease. (Mon Ennui Cosmetics Per-vert)
*Blended in blackened purple to crease. (TBN Blackened Violet)
*Applied lighter purple to lower lashline. (TBN Amethyst)
*Applied green shadow to outer half of lower lashline. (ME Per-vert)
*Applied blackened purple to lower lashline. (TBN Blackened Violet)
*Lined eyes with purple liner. (UD 24/7 Liner Empire)
*Applied green liner to waterline. (MAC Undercurrent)
*2 coats of Mascara (BM Flawless Definition Volumizing Mascara)

The collage I made for collab. :)


Princess Blues - Eye Look of the Day

By cristalena56 · October 4, 2012

I decided to play with my new Hard Candy Feelin' Blue palette again yesterday. This is a pretty purple look. I wish the glitter I used showed up more in pics but thats ok. 

I couldnt figure out what to name this look. When i was taking pictures at one point I put on my princess crown I wore on my birthday. I then also put on my blue wig that I got for if we ever do any Liquid Ice Promotions. Our friends are distributers in Arizona for a Energy Drink from Minnesota thats made from natural ingredients. 

Recently I've seen on fellow blogger pages posts of pictures showing faces with no makeup or showing one side with makeup and one showing without. I decided to do the half makeup and half no makeup for this look. Im really scared though to post my pictures. lol I cant even go check the mail without putting some sort of face makeup on. Hopefully its not too scary..

Items Used:

*Hard Candy Top Ten Feelin' Blue Palette

*Shiro Cosmetics Twilight Realm

*NYX Jumbo Pencil Milk

*NYX Aqua Luxe Liquid Liner Glam Lagoon

*NYX Purple Glitter

*Revlon CustomEyes Mascara

*Applied Primer (ELf, I think my eyes are sensitive to the palladio one.)

*Applied NYX Milk to lid and creased.

*Smoothed out with fingers upto brow bone.

*Applied to crease shade B.

*Applied Shade C to top of crease.


*Applied Shade D to lower crease.


*Applied some more Shade B and blended.

*Applied Shade A to Lid and inner corner of lower lashline.

*Applied Shade B and D to the outer half of lower lashline.

*Applied NYX Purple Glitter to Lid.

*Highlighted with Shade D.

*Lined eyes with NYX Glam Lagoon.

*Applied Shiro Twilight Realm to Brows.

*2 Coats of Mascara

*applied MAC Tippy to Cheeks

*Used Tarte Lip Surgence in Enchanted and NYX Pure Red on Lips.



Let me know what you think. :)


I entered this in the makeupbe glam contest, please vote for me by clicking on the luv button, much is appreciated. 

Glittering Teal Gold EOTD

By cristalena56 · September 20, 2012

I saw pigments and palettes had recently used TBN Blackened Turquoise for her Jewel Thief Look. I decided today to use mine since i was neglecting it. I adore this color. I dont know why I don't use it more often. 

Items Used:

*TBN Blackened Turqoise

*BH Cosmetics 120 Palette 2nd Edition - Teal Shimmer/Matte, Gold, and pale silver.

*NYX Jumbo Pencil Milk

*LA Splash Canary Glitter

*Urban Decay 24/7 Eye Liner Pencils Perversion and Junkie

*MAC Pearlglide Intense Eye Liner in Undercurrent

*NYX Crystal Liner in Jade

*Eye Primer

*Applied NYX Jumbo Pencil Milk to lid.

*Drew a cut crease with UD Junkie and filled in crease.

*Applied Teal shadows to lid, inner corner, and lower lashline.

*Applied TBN Blackened Turquoise over Junkie.

*Patted gold shade in the middle of lid.

*Applied LA Splash Glitter Canary over the gold.

*Highlighted with Pale Silver shade.

*Lined upper lashline and waterline with UD Perversion.

*Applied MAC Undercurrent liner to lower lashline.

*Applied NYX Crystal Jade Liner over Undercurrent.

*2 Coats of Tarte Lights Camera Lashes

Let me know what you think :)



MAC Limited Edition Marilyn Monroe Collection - Fall 2012

By cristalena56 · August 24, 2012

Marilyn Monroe is one of my favorite beauy icons of all time. My other favorite of course is audrey hepburn. :) I was just on tpf and saw about this new collection. Of course I got excited since its a marilyn collection. I  need to start saving some monies. I saw its coming out sometime in October, so start saving those pennies.


Heres the list of items:

*Deeply Adored - Deep scarlet (Matte)
*Charmed I'm Sure - Dark true red (Matte)
*Pure Zen - Warm nude (Cremesheen)
*Love Goddess - Mid-tone pink red (Satin)
*Scarlet Ibis - Bright orange red (Matte)


*Phiff! - Sheer yellow peach
*Little Rock - Soft sheer white with pearl


*Beet - Vivid reddish-pink
*Redd - Clearly red
*Cherry - Vivid bright blue/red



*How to Marry - Soft White (Veluxe Pearl)
*Preferred Blonde - Pale champagne beige (Veluxe Pearl)
*Silver Screen - True silver (Veluxe Pearl)
*Showgirl - Dark blue grey (Veluxe Pearl)


*Smolder - Intense black
*Fascinating - Intense matte white



*Clear Brow Finisher
*False Lashes Mascara Extreme Black
*Penultimate Brow Marker - Natural Warm Taupe-Brown
*Penultimate Eye Liner - Rich Deep Carbon Black
*False Lashes #35


*Forever Marilyn - Sheer pale peach 


*Legendary - Pale soft coral (Satin)
*The Perfect Cheek - Neutral pink beige (Matte)



*Vintage Vamp - Rich deep retro wine (Cream)

*Stage Red - Dark berry red (Cream)

*Flaming Rose - True red (Cream)

*Kid Orange - Coral (Cream)

*Rich, Rich, Rich - Glittery gold (Pearl)


The packaging is so cute. See anything you look forward to getting?? I want a blush, lipstick, lipgloss, beauty powder, and maybe an eye shadow. :D


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Princess Jasmine Inspired Look

By cristalena56 · August 19, 2012

So... I was bored and decided to play with my make up. I was trying different colors out and nothing was looking too awesome. I thought to myself that when i actually have an inspiration my looks come out better for the most part. So i googled cartoon characters and didnt see anything. I then thought well i have been doing some disney looks, how about another princess. I had some teal colors out and thought well i could do jasmine. I always liked her colors.

I remember when xsparkage did some princess looks, i even remember she was one of my favorites she did. Its what made me visit thebodyneeds website for the first time in years when i rediscovered the video earlier this year. I had to get mac teal, and decided to visit my favorite website for mac samples.

Items Used:


*NYX Milk

*TBN Turquoise

*MAC Teal Pigment

*MAC Grape Pigment

*TBN Blanc

*Salty Cosmetics Glamazoid!(AUG Glam Bag)

*ELF Studio Black Cream/Gel Liner

*Tarte Lights Camera Lashes

Eye Brows

*UD Jabberwocky

*TBN Blackened Turquoise

*TBN Blackened Violet


*MAC Tippy Blush

*Philosophy Color of Grace Shimmer Face Powder(for shine)


*Josie Maran Lipstain in Fox Trot (July Glam Bag)

*MYGLAM Glam Gloss Shade 02(AUG Glam Bag)

*First I used NYX HD Primer

*NYX Milk from lashline to brow

*Applied MAC Teal to crease.

*Then I applied TBN Turquoise to lid.

*Lined shaping the eye with MAC Grape.

*Applied a little more MAC Teal to crease.

*Applied TBN Blanc for highlight.

*Applied Salty Glamazoid! over Blanc.

*Lined eyes with ELF Studio Liner


*Filled in Brows with UD Jabberwocky

*Then went over with TBN Blackened Turquoise

*Then finally with TBN Blackened Violet

Let me know what you think!! Hope you like my simple Jasmine look. :)

Snow White Evil Queen Look

By cristalena56 · July 28, 2012

So I was looking at GlitterGirlC's blog and was inspired to do my own look following the steps she provided for this look of hers. Her looks are fabulous. You should totally check her blog out!! I decided to use a couple of my new body needs colors. After i finished the look, all i kept thinking when looking at it was the evil queen from Snow White. Its not particulary colors she wore, so im not for sure why i think of her. lol 

Items Used:


*TBN Strawberry

*MAC Grape Pigment 

*Fyrinnae Fyre and Ice

*Elf 100 Pc Palette - yellow

*LA Splash Glitter in Canary

*Tarte Lights Camera Lashes

*NYX Jumbo Pencil Milk


*Sally Hansen Blush in Poppy


*NYC Lipstick in Dubonnet

*NYX Lip Balm


*Applied NYX HD Shadow Primer

*Applied NYX Milk from upper lashes to browbone.

*Applied TBN Strawberry to crease and rounded out to the bottom lashline.

*Applied MAC Grape to the upper part of the crease and rounding out to bottom.

*Drew a line in my crease with Fyrinnae Fire and Ice.


*Applied ELF Yellow Shadow to lid.

*Applied LA Splash Canary Yellow over it on the lid.

*Lined Eyes with Maybelline Master Precise Liquid Liner

*Went over with Urban Decay Perversion Eye Liner

*Lastly applied Tarte Mascara

Let Me Know What You Think???




Rustic Autumn Rose Eye Look

By cristalena56 · July 26, 2012

I'm not for sure what to call this look. I was using my MAC Expensive Pink shadow, which is a rose gold color. I adore it!! We are starting to get fall stuff at work, even though the temperatures here are still in the 100s. So this will be a good look for fall. I also find it to be a romantic type look, so also maybe a look to wear for a date. I wish i could capture with my camera the way it looks in person, but im not close to be a picture taking expert. I ask my hubby, who does photography as a hobby, but what he says never makes sense to me. haha I should ask him to explain it to me in English I can understand! haha Anyways... I really love this MAC color. I got it a few months ago when I went to the mall for foundation samples. I bought this along with my Undercurrent liner that ive used in a few looks so far. I recently bought a body splash from Bath and Body Works that you could spritz on while wearing this look. The scent is Paris Amour. I love this scent!! The name says it all! I bought the mist, a shimmer lotion, and a hand lotion for my purse. I usually dont like a lot of the scents they have 75% off at their outlet stores, but this one is a total keeper!! 

Anyways.. lol Im starting to ramble. Onto the look...

Items Used:

*MAC Expensive Pink Shadow

*Too Faced Romantic Eye Palette - Ever After and Soulmates

*The Body Needs Blackened Bronze

*The Body Needs Brass Glitter

*ELF 100 Pc Palette  - chocolate brown

*NYX Jumbo Pencil Milk

*Physicians Formula Blush in Poppy

*Studio Gear Lipstick in Very Hot Cocoa (May Glam Bag)


*NYX HD Primer 

*NYX Jumbo Pencil Milk to lid and crease. 

*smoothed out with fingers

*Applied MAC Expensive Pink to Lid

*Too Faced Ever After to Crease

*Then TBN Blackened bronze above it rounding out to lower lashline.

*applied Maybelline Pomegramate to lower lashline.

*applied MAC Expensive Pink over it.

*Lined upper lashline with Maybelline Master Precise liquid liner.

*lined eyes with TBN Brass Glitter.

*Applied Elf Brown overm Maybelline liner

*Tarte Mascara to lashes


What do you think?? Let me know below!! :)

Please vote for me on MakeupBee in the Classic Glam Competition!!!


Monday EOTD - Flounder Inspired

By cristalena56 · July 23, 2012

The colors I got recently from TBN reminded me of the little mermaid and did a simple look for work today. I was inspired by Ariel's best friend Flounder. 

Items Used:

*TBN Juniper

*BFTE Lemon

*TBN Ballroom Glitter

*Urban Decay 24/7 Liner in Radium

*MAC Pearlglide Intense Eye Liner in Undercurrent

*NYX Eye Liner in Yellow

*Tarte Lights Camera Lashes

*First I applied NYX HD Primer

*Next I applied NYX Yellow Liner to lid.

*I applied Beauty From the Earth Lemon(you could substitute TBN Lemon Drop) over the yellow liner. (Side Note: I hate the way Lemon shows up in pictures.)

*Then I shaped the shadow with UD Liner Radium.

*I applied TBN Juniper Over it.

*I then applied TBN Ballroom Glitter on top of the Juniper.

*Applied another layer of Lemon on the lid.

*I redrew the shape with UD Radium

*Next I lined my eyes with MAC Undercurrent (i should have sharpened it first). Its a sparkley green liner with some gold sparkle. Made me think of the ocean.

*Next I applied Tarte Lights Camera Lashes

haha I got this in a Mcdonalds Happy Meal Years ago when they had Little Mermaid stuff. 


Last Night I was bored and drew a Flounder on my eye. I messed up the eye. Dont laugh at my non artistic skills... Ok I did... :p

Don't Forget to Subscribe!! Any looks you might be interested in, let me know!! :)





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