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Avengers - Hulk Manicure

By cristalena56 · May 5, 2012

When I was swatching my Kleancolor mini polishes a couple days ago i saw that their was some good colors for Avengers Manicures. I dont know if i will do more but i did a Hulk one. The lighting in my apt is awful so sorry about the quality of pics. The signature on the DVD below is Stan Lee. We got his autograph a couple years ago at the annual Phoenix Comicon.


Items Used:

*Metallic Green, Fuschia, and Black

*Migi Nails Green, Black, and White

*Seche Vite Base and Top Coat (When i removed the swatches i found some staining with a couple of the colors.)

*Some green nail glitter i got in a set from the dollar tree

*Nail brush i got from my Crown Brush Haul

I should have done some clean up after i was finished, sorry.

*I started by applying Seche Vite Base Coat.

*Applied one coat of Kleancolor Metallic Green.

*Went over with Seche Vite Top Coat (im impatient)

*Next I took the black Migi Nail Pen and drew an outline of Hulk Hair at the top of each nail.

*Filled in the tops with Metallic Fuschia on every finger but the thumb.

*Filled the top of thumb with Metallic Black.

*Seche Vite Top Coat

*Next i took my nail brush and dipped it into my Migi Nail Black and drew on hulk face.

*Used Migi Nails Black and White for Teeth.

*Using Migi Nails Green I spelled out the Hulk on my other Fingers.

*Took a brush and applied Green Glitter over letters.

*Traced the Letters back over with Migi Nails Green. (I messed up the letter H when i did this :/)

*Let dry for a minute or 2.

*Applied Seche Vite Top Coat

Super Vivid Setting

Fisheye Setting

miniature setting

Toy Camera Setting

Monochrome Setting

Posterized Effect Setting


I decided to play with some of the settings trying to see if I could the letters to show up better. My flash always gets in the picture when i take pics of my nails.

This mani can go with my Hulk 1 and Hulk 2 Make Up Looks.

KleanColor Retro City

By cristalena56 · May 3, 2012

Ive seen these posted about here and there on TPF in the Nail Care. I just never owned any before. We happened to get 3 mini sets. A set of blues, a set of neons, and then the set i got, metallics. I looked up swatches and what i kept seeing was the metallic aqua. it was so pretty that i decided to get this set. It was only $3.99 before my discount.

Metallic Black, Metallic Fuschia, Metallic Sapphire, Metallic Aqua, Metallic Green, and Metallic Orange.

I did a quick swatch of them.

These are all just 1 coat and they applied smoothly. Took a minute or 2 for them to dry. Im very pleased with them. :) They also smell clean, hence the name. They smell like a fresh smelling laundry detergent.


Note: I did a Hulk Manicure using these.

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