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Mardi Gras Manicure

By cristalena56 · February 9, 2012

Going to a Mardi Gras themed bridal shower on saturday. I wanted to repaint my nails today and one of my new polishes from my secret cupid seemed like a perfect MG purple. The name Flying Dragon, seemed to go along with the theme as well. Im not the greatest at nail art but i tried lol This wasnt that hard to do.

Colors Used:

*Wet n Wild Sagreena the Teenage Witch

*Color Club Sugar Plum Yum(scented!!)

*Color Club Gingerbread

*China Glaze Neon Flying Dragon

*Migi Nail Art Manicure Pen
in Black and Blue(Not Pictured)

*Seche Vite Top Coat(Not Pictured)

*First I applied a base coat(Beauty Secrets from Sally's)

*Next I put nail guide stickers on the middle of each nail going diagonally.

*Then I painted one side with Sagreena and the other with Flying Dragon.

*I took the nail guide off to see which color i needed to add more. Then i painted in the bare spot.

*Im impatient with drying so i added one thin coat of Seche Vite.

*Next I applied Gingerbread to the tips of my fingers.

*I then went over it with Sugar Plum, Yum.

*I found it didnt cover all the green and purple underneath so i applied Gingerbread yet again to be more opaque.

*Next I drew a line with the black migi nail art pen under the glitter. (drawing with my left hand wasnt the greatest, sorry :()

*Applied Seche Vite so lines wouldnt smear(though i accidentally smeared my thumb and middle finger :/)

*Next I drew a little mask on my thumb with the Migi Nail Art Pens in Black, Blue, and Yellow

*applied seche vite

I have a hurt finger :( keep stabbing it at work when reaching in my bucket for a pin to hard tag clothes.

I took a better pic of Color Club Gingerbread so you can see all the sparkly goodness.

Chrome Zebra Mani

By cristalena56 · October 2, 2011

So i was watching a youtube video someone posted on tpf on a lisa frank zebra mani and decided to try out a sponging manicure for the first time. I found the process to be kind of messy lol

Materials Used:

*Opi Lincoln Park After Dark

*Color Club Foiled Collection

*Konad Special Polish in Black

*Seche Vite Top Coat

*Beauty Secrets Base Coat(couldnt find my new seche vite one :/)

*Make Up Sponge

*Konad Stamper and Scraper

*Bundle Monster Plate 16


*Cotton Balls


No Flash

I'll take a sunlight pics tomorrow. :)

*First I applied Beauty Secrets Base Coat on my nails.

*Then after base is dried i applied one coat of Opi Lincoln Park After Dark on each nail.

*Im impatient so i applied seche vite on top.

*Once dry starting with one corner of the sponge i dabbed Hot Like Lava on it and then sponged it on the right lower corner of each nail. Don't worry if you get it past your nail, just use a qtip and np remover to wipe it away at the end.

*Using the opposite corner of sponge i dabbed on Cold Metal and sponged it on the Right Upper Corner.

*I turned the sponge over and dabbed Perfect Mol-ten and sponged it on the lower left corner of my nails.

*On the opposite corner i dabbed Foil Me Once and sponged on the upper left corner of my nails.

*Then I dabbed Lumin-icecent on a corner of the sponge and dabbed it in the middle of my nails.

* I then allowed them to dry(about 2 or 3 minutes).

*I then took the konad black and stamped the Zebra Print from plate BM16 on each of my nails. The stamp isnt big enough to cover a few of the nails, so i apply the black over half the print and then stamp it on the remainder of the nail.

*Then i wait a minute before applying the top coat to make sure the black doesnt smear.

*Then after top coat dries, dip a qtip in some nail polish remover and clean up around the nails. My hands have been extra dry from the hot weather we have been having forever and its hard for me to remove. I need to go over them again now that i allowed my nails to dry longer.

Color Club Foiled

By cristalena56 · October 2, 2011

These acually came in a couple weeks ago at work but i was waiting to get paid and bought these yesterday. Color Club collections a Ross are only $7.99. I went to their website now and see that these colletions go for $48.00!! So what a savings buying them from work. :) I wanted these the second i saw them. They reminded me of the Sally Hansen Chrome polishes I had yearss ago. I actually still have a bottle.

Crystal Chrome

The collection comes with 6 polishes and a clear top coat. The colors arent labelled what color they are so i used www.cosmeticgroup.com as a reference.

Lumin-icecent is a pale light blue color in a silver base. The silver is what gives it that foil effect.


No Flash

Foil me once is a pale purple almost laverendish in a silver base.


No Flash

Hot like Lava is a ery bright pigmented magenta in a silver base. The pink takes away from the chromish effect that the lighter colors have.


No Flash

Cold Metal is a Deep Blue. The most pigmented of the bunch and my favorite of the collection. Im calling it gator blue. Its going to go good when i get my gator nail decals. You wouldnt know there was a silver base in this one.


No Flash

Perfect Mol-ten is a foil wrapping paper green in a silver base.  I'll take a couple more pics tom when the sun is out.


Aniquated is a champagne gold foil in a silver base. I will get a pic in the sunlight tomorrow as well..


These went on so smooth and dense. They are all one coaters but i did 2. They are shiny with top coat but i used seche vite for drying time and also keeps your mani lasting longer.

Crackled Candy Corn

By cristalena56 · September 28, 2011

So... I've seemed to be changing my polish either everyday or every other day... I actually did one mani to immediately take it off to do this one because i was inspired when i saw this new farmville halloween tree.

So i looked through my polishes and found the colors i needed..

Opi Shatter

Zoya Phoebe

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Sun Kissed

Konad Special Polish in White

Color Club Top Coat

I need to redo my pinky because the second i put the top coat on i moved my hand and it it on something.. I wish they would have all shattered like on my thumb. My Black Shatter is starting to dry out though... :/


*I first applied Phoebe to a 3rd of each nail.

*Waited a minute or 2 and applied Sun Kissed the middle third of my nail.

*Waited a minute or 2 and applied the Konad White.

*I applied Black Shatter Shortly After.

*The last step you need to wait for it to dry a bit so the top coat doesnt smear the black.

Color Club Wicked Sweet

By cristalena56 · August 22, 2011

I found these last month at work(Ross) during our double discount. So i got 40% off

of $7.99. :D I love these polishes. I've been a fan of neon color np since i was a little girl using

them in the early nineties. I used to take my sisters all the time. lol Ive noticed that neon colors are

trying to make a come back. I have even bought a neon pink and orange shirt, almost got the lime and

yellow one as well.


Wicked Sweet- Indoors with Flash

Wicked Sweet is the name of this blue. It has a blueberry scent. Smells yummy.

Its a jelly blue, and in the pic i have 3 coats.

Wicked Sweet - Outdoors with Flash

Wicked Sweet - Outdoors No Flash


Yum Gum - Indoors Flash

Yum Gum is a neon pastel baby pink. Its a cream, and smells like super

bubble bubble gum. This is one of my favorite colors of the bunch. It is very opaque.

If you apply it just right, it could take just 1 coat. I did 2 coats for the picture. My index finger

however has only 1 coat.

Yum Gum - Outdoors with a Flash

Yum Gum- Outdoors No Flash

Gimme a Grape Big Kiss - Indoors Flash

Gimme a Grape Big Kiss is a bright purple thats scented like grape koolaid. Its an ok scent.. I love grapes but not a big fan of the grape scent.

Gimme a Grape Big Kiss - Indoors with No Flash

The Lime Starts Here - Indoors with Flash

The Lime Starts here is a very bright Lime Green. The first coat comes out streaky, so you will need at least 2 or 3 coats to get the color you see in the bottle. Its supposed to have a lime scent, but to me it has more of a limei-sh, watermelon-ish scent. I think this is my favorite color of the collection. I think this color when i wear it makes my dry hands look younger, not so much in this pic though :p

The Lime Starts Here - Outdoor Flash

Raspberry Rush - Indoors with Flash

I couldnt seem to be able to capture the way the color actually looks. Its a bright magenta color, but deeper then what the pic shows.  It smells like candy to me, not necessarily like raspberry though.

Raspberry Rush - Indoors no Flash

I Always Get My Man-Darin

I Always Get My Man-Darin is a light vivid orange color with a green duochrome. It smells like a dreamiscle to me., Orange with Vanilla. I really like this scent. Makes me want to drink a orange julius or have a Dreamsicle popsicle. The orange actually reminds me of one of those popsicles.

I Always Get My Man-Darin - Indoors with Flash

Get your Lem-On - Outdoors with Flash

Get Your Lem-On is a highlighter yellow with a green duochrome. To me it has a strong lemon scent, and i wore this a couple weeks ago and my husband asked what stinks. I asked him if it was my fingernails and put my fingers to his nose and he immediately yelled at me to get them away lol I love the color though. Its definitely a color you have to build up to get the color like in the bottle. I did 3 coats for the pictures.

Get Your Lem-On - Outdoors with No Flash


Overall i really like the colors in this collection. The scents are hit and miss for me. If you put a top coat on, you can still smell the scent through it, but the scent fades away after a couple days. I think its a good deal if you find it at ross. $7.99 is a really good deal for 7 np. Now a days thats a price to buy just 1 good polish. These scented polishes just make me reminisce of my middle school days using clear polishes that dried to smell like ck one, ck be, lucky perfume, and stuff like that.

Color Club Electro Candy

By cristalena56 · October 25, 2010

On TPF in the "What Nail Polish Are You Wearing?" thread, the girls recommend this nail polish. I was disappointed when i went to their website to see where i could buy some, and it said that no stores in my area carried it. Well it was mistaken lol I work at Ross, and while unboxing some boxes in the stock room last week, i stumbled upon 5 different sets. I ended up buying 2 of the 5. Each set cost $7.99. It happened to be our double employee discount week, so i got 40% off of each. *woot woot*

The Colors Include:

Volt of Light(yellow), What a Shock(green), Electro Candy(pink), Tangerine Scream(orange),

Ultra Violet(purple, and Pure Energy(blue).


These 2 pictures.. well i should have cleaned up my fingers/hands first lol :p


I wasn't used to the consistency of these. They are formaldehyde/toulene/dbp free.

They glide on easy and for a subtle bright color you should use 1 coat, 2 coats are effiecent. I used 3

in the pictures t make them as vibrant as i could. The polishes dry very fast if you space the time out for each coat.

They can last 3 or 4 days without chipping. I work in the cash office at work and been doing the stock room so the top edges have chipped off from that...

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