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The Body Needs Christmas EOTD - Christmas Cheer

By cristalena56 · November 26, 2012
Anybody in the Christmas Spirit yet. I Hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving. Now its time for Christmas Lights, Shopping, Christmas Goodie Baking (No Bake Cookies, yum!), Hot Cocoa, Caroling, etc.... I love Christmas, but working retail kind of ruins it for me. Though since I've been working in the stock room it hasnt been that bad. This year for christmas they have a calendar for December, where each day is different. We get a Ugly Christmas Sweater Day, Holiday Hat Day, Warm and Fuzzy Sweater Day, Hot Cocoa Day, Gift Exchange, etc.. So thats kind of exciting for work. I still need to goto walmart to buy my little christmas tree I want.</p> <p>

</p> <p>Items Used:
*TBN Shamrock
*TBN Metallic Merlot
*TBN Blackened Emerald
*TBN Smoked Silver
*TBN Blanc
*TBN Steal the Night
*TBN Green Glitter
*Cargo Swimmable Gold Eye Liner
*TheBalm What's Your Type? Body Builder Mascara (Oct. Glam Bag)</p>

*Applied Eye Primer. (Elf)
*Patted Shamrock onto the lid. (Eco Tools Shadow Brush)
*Applied Metallic Merlot to Crease. (Crown Brush Bullet Crease)
*Applied Blackened Emerald to lower half of crease. (Crown Brush Mini Smudger)
*Applied Smoked Silver over B.E. (Elf Lip Brush)
*Applied Shamrock to inner corner of lower lashline. (E.T. Shadow)
*Applied Merlot to the rest of lower lashline. (CB Mini Smudger)
*Then applied Smoked Silver over. (CB Mini Smudger)
*Dabbed some LA Splash Primer to Lid.
*Patted Green Glitter onto Lid. (Soho Crease Brush)
*Highlighted with Blanc. (CB Deluxe Round Crease)
*Applied Black liner as a guide to lashline.
*Applied Gold Liner over.
* 2 Coats of Mascara
*Steal the Night to Brows.

<p>Notes: My Cargo Gold Liner wasn't wanting to work very well. 
You can purchase these colors at TheBodyNeeds.

Adventure Time - Lumpy Space Princess Inspired EOTD

By cristalena56 · September 1, 2012

Yesterday i wore a look inspired by lumpy space princess. My hubby says i have the same attitude as her, so he calls me his LSP. Whatever... lol She is really cute though lol  This look could have been better, but i was in a hurry. I was running late for work like always. :p

Items Used:

*Too Faced Romantic Eye Palette

*Elf 100 Pc Palette

*BH Cosmetics 120 Palette 2nd edition

*Too Faced Liquif-Eye Palette

*Salty Cosmetics Glamazoid! shadow

*NYX Jumbo Pencil Milk

*Cargo Swimmable Gold Liner

*Elf Studio Black Cream Liner

*Tarte Lights Camera Lashes

*Eye Primer

*NYX Milk to lid, crease, and lower lashes.

*Applied Glamazoid to inner corner.

*Applied Too Faced Honeymoon to lid.

*applied these 2 purple shades over honeymoon

*Applied Too Faced Vixen to crease.

*went over with a bright purple shade from 120 palette.

*Then applied the darker sparkly purple shade to upper crease.


*applied black liner.

*took a small brush using my cargo gold swimmable and drew a star.

*using same brush, dabbed it in a bright yellow from 120 palette and went over the gold.

*applied 2 coats of mascara

eww my skin looks gross. sorry about that!!


Let me know what you think of this look!! :)


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Saturday EOTD - Tropical Paradise

By cristalena56 · July 23, 2012

I was going out bowling for my hubby's birthday and decided to use my new colors I got from the body needs. This is what I came up with. My bananarama was working with me, so i just layered it over another yellow, but it turned out orange?? I think the pink might have mixed up to much with the yellow. anyways.. *teehee*

Items Used:

*NYX Eye liner in Yellow

*NYX Jumbo Liner in Milk

*The Body Needs (TBN) Aztec Yellow

*TBN Bananarama

*TBN Strawberry

*TBN Juniper

*TBN Rave Glitter

*Urban Decay Polyester Bride

*Cargo Swimmable Purple Liner

*Tarte Lights Camera Lashes


*First I applied NYX HD Primer

*Then I applied NYX Yellow Liner to Lid

*Then I applied NYX Milk to crease and blended it up.

*Applied TBN Aztec Yellow to the lid.

*Applied TBN Bananarama over the Aztec Yellow.

*Next I applied TBN Strawberry to the crease. 

*Then I shaped the eye look with TBN Juniper.

*I then lined my eye with the Cargo Purple Liner.

*Then using LA Splash Sealer I applied the Rave Glitter over the liner(this wasn't working that great, so i might need to get something new to apply it.)

*Applied UD Polyester Bride as a highlight.

*then applied Tarte Lights Camera Lashes to my lashes.


Let Me Know What You Think?? :)





Simple Arizona Diamondbacks Eye Look

By cristalena56 · July 20, 2012

My hubby has finally won tickets this year from work. They own 4 club seats and give 2 sets of tickets out for every game. A friend of ours actually won the other set of tickets, so yay!!! Anyways... So i decided to come up with a simple look I can wear to the game tomorrow. :) Their colors are Sand, Black, and Sedona Red. I happened to come across a BFTE color i got last year. Ive only used it twice, and thought it would be a good red for this look. I kind of decided to use a glitter over the red, and my red ended up looking reddish orange, so tom i will leave out the glitter part. 

Items Used:

*NYX Jumbo Pencil Milk

*Beauty From the Earth End of Times

*The Body Needs Steal the Night

*Too Faced Romantic Eye Palette - Soul Mates and Ever After

*Urban Decay Polyester Bride

*Cargo Swimmable Gold Liner

*Maybelline Master Precise Liquid Pen Liner

*Tarte Lights Camera Lashes

*Beauty From the Earth Brick Glitter

*First i applied NYX HD Shadow Primer

*Next i applied NYX Milk to lid, crease, and lower lashline.

*I applied Too Faced Soul Mates to inner corner.

*Next I applied BFTE End of times to lid.

*Next I applied TBN Steal the Night to Crease and rounded out to the outer corner of lower lashline.

*Applied BFTE End of Times to inner half of lower lashline.

*Applied TBN Brick Glitter over BFTE End of times on the lid and lower lashline.

*Applied more Too Faced Soulmates to inner corner of eye, blending.

*Applied Cargo Gold Liner to upper lashline.

*Went over gold with Maybelline Liquid Eye Liner Pen

*applied Tarte Mascara

Sorry did the other eye kind of quickly and eye watered.

 no flash  


Hope You Like It!!! 


Random Thoughts:

I still need to post my birthday look I wore last month that was inspired as Jem. I also need to review the Sleek Acid Palette, Too Faced Romantic Eye Palette, and Lime Crime China Doll Palette. I also have other random eye looks ive done in the past couple months that i will be posting soon as well. Is there any looks you would like to see?? I know im not the most artistic, but im trying. The more i practice the better i get. I just wish i was more creative. :p



Tropical Electric Fish

By cristalena56 · July 18, 2012

MakeupBee is having a tropical contest. The winner wins some Inglot Cosmetics. I decided to use my Sleek I Divine Acid Palette(which i will review shortly).


I was inspired by a rainbow fish.

Items Used:

*Sleek I-Divine Acid Palette

*NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk

*NYX Eye/Eyebrow Pencil in Yellow

*NYX Studio Liner in Extreme Blue

*Cargo Swimmable Eye Liner in Purple

*Tarte Lights Camera Lashes Mascara

*First I applied NYX HD Shadow Primer

*I applied NYX Yellow to the lid.

*Then NYX Milk to crease and blended upwards.

*I applied the yellow shade to the lid.

*Next I applied the orange to the crease.

*Then the pink right above the orange.

*Then i took the Cargo Purple liner and traced above the pink and then rounded around to the the outer corner of the lashes.

*I then applied the purple shade over the liner.

*Next i applied NYX Milk to lower lashline.

*Applied the green shade to the inner half and the lighter blue to the outer half of the lower lashline.

*Applied NYX Extreme Blue to upper lashline, winging it out.

*Then applied Tarte Lights Camera Lashes to lashes.


I hope you like it. Much would be appreciated if you voted for my entry in the contest. You can find it here. :)



Red Cream Soda Look

By cristalena56 · May 10, 2012

30 minutes before i had to leave for work, I looked around to find some inspiration for my eye look or work. I happened to see this can on the table. It inspired me to do this look. I found some good matching colors in my ELF 100 pc Palette.

Items Used:

*Elf 100 Pc Palette (we've been getting these at Ross lately, I got mine for christmass)

*NYX Jumbo Pencil Milk

*Cargo Swimmables Eye Pencil - Gold(name not on it)

*Maybelline Master Precise Liquid Eye Pen

*Maybelline One by One Mascara

I changed this look when I got home because I couldnt get the gold to show up very well. I thought of the swimmable pencil when I was on my way to work.

After a couple hours at work the gold was fading away.

*NYX HD Shadow  Base

*I first applied NYX Jumbo Pencil Milk in the inner corner.

*I then applied the white shadows to the inner corner.

*Then i applied the pink to 2/3 of the lower lid.

*Next I applied the red on top and shaping the pink.

*Then i applied the Cargo Swimmable Gold above the red.

*Then i did white, pink, red, gold to lower lashline.

*Applied Maybelline Master Precise Liquid Pen to upper lashline.


Let me know what you think?? Comment below!!


Notes: I really need a eye brow wax. Im not very good at tweezing... I need to find somewhere less expensive then the European Wax Place ($16 plus tip :/). The first waxing job is free. I got the 2nd one for half off with coupon. Full price is just way too much for a eye brow waxing. I thought about getting them threaded before.

Avengers - Captain America Fail Makeup Look

By cristalena56 · April 30, 2012

So i finally had time to sit down and work on my final look for my avengers series. I wanted to be a little more artistic with this look but it wasnt working. I wanted to try to draw the shield on my eye lid but i couldnt get the star right and blue circle its in the middle of. I dont know how many times and ways i tried but just didnt work. So i scrapped the idea. I came across some red glitter I had so decided to use that. This is also the first time i ever colored my eyebrows.

Items Used:

*88 Original Palette

*NYX Shadow Base in White

*Cargo Swimmable Eye Liner in Blue

*LA Splash Red Glitter(ill add the actual name later)

*Maybelline Master Precise Liquid Eye Pen

*Maybelline One by One Mascara

*Wet n Wild Coloricon White Shadow

*I first applied NYX HD Shadow Base

*Cargo Swimmable Blue to my lid.

*NYX Shadow Base White from crease to the browbone.

*Next I dipped my brush into the 2 blues and applied it to my lid.

*Next i dipped my brush into all 3 reds and applied to my crease.

*Next i applied LA Splash Shadow Sealer/Base to my crease.

*Applied the LA Splash Red Glitter to my crease.

*Next I applied the Wet n Wild Coloricon White shadow to my brow bone.

*applied red to my lowerlashline

*Cargo Swimmable Blue to my waterline

*Lined my upper lashline with Maybelline Master Precise Liquid Eye Pen.

*Applied Maybelline One by One Mascara

*Then I filled my eyebrows with the Cargo Swimmable Blue

Avengers - Incredible Hulk Makeup Look Revamp

By cristalena56 · April 11, 2012

I decided to do the Hulk Look for work today but i couldnt find my Olivia Green. So i opted to use my 88 Original Palette instead. I didnt use immature either. Sorry in advance for my scary face picture. I was in a hurry this morning. I see that i have make up in my hair that i hadnt brushed yet. I also didnt have any lip balm or anything on yet.

I did everything the same except i substituted 2 greens from the 88 Original palette for Immature and Olivia Green. I also took the black and went over the Veteran.

I think its more of a hulk look anyways. Now its more green :)

Which look do you prefer, the revamp or original?? Let me know in the comments below. :)

Avengers - Incredible Hulk Glamour Doll Eyes Makeup Look

By cristalena56 · April 11, 2012

Next up in my Avengers Series, we have the Incredible Hulk. I decided to play around with some of my new glamour doll eye shadows.

ITems Used:

*Glamour Doll Eyes Immature

*Glamour Doll Eyes Olivia Green

*Glamour Doll Eyes Veteran

*Glamour Doll Eyes Cloud Coverage

*MAC Grape Pigment

*NYX Studio Liner in Extreme Purple

*Cargo Swimmable Eye Liner  in Electric Violet

*Maybelline Volume Express One by One

*Rimmel London Lasting Finish Foundation

*Maybelline Coverstick in Fair 01

*Physicians Formula Blush

*NYC Lipstick

*Applied NYX HD Eye Shadow Base

*NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk on lid

*Smoothed it out

*Patted on Immature onto the inner half of the lid.

*Patted on Olivia Green on the outer Half of the lid.


*Shaped the eye with Veteran and brushed it into the crease rounding out to the bottom lash line.

*Applied MAC Grape to lower lashline.

*2 coats of NYX Studio Liner on my upper lashline.

*Cargo Extreme Violet to my lower lashline and waterline.

*Then 2 coats of Maybelline Volume Express One by One Mascara

Water Marble - E.L.F. EOTD

By cristalena56 · January 21, 2012

I saw some blues in my palette and wanted to do a look with them. I swatched colors on my arm trying to find colors that went well together. I experimented with a few and didnt like the outcome but 2 blues stood out to me and decided to just use them. I couldnt really think of a name to call this.. A water marble bowling ball just came to mind lol

Items Used:

*Maybelline Color Tattoo - Too Cool

*NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil - Milk

*E.L.F. Classic 100 pc Palette

*E.L.F. Glitter Eye Beauty Book

*Wet n Wild Coloricon Eye Liner - Black

*Maybelline Eye Studio Master Precise Liquid Pen - Black

*Cargo Swimmables Waterproof Liner -  Blue

*Blinc Stop Painting Your Lashes...Tube Them! - Black

*MAC Hello Kitty Blush - Tippy

*Laura Mercier Pink Lip Gloss

*First I applied Maybelline Color Tattoo Too Cool to my lid and blended(used for staying power.)

*Then I applied it to my lower lash line.

*To make more matte i applied NYX Milk.

*Next i dabbed my shadow brush in the light blue and white shade and applied it to my lid and lower lashline.

*Next I applied the sparkly dark blue from the glitter eye palette to my crease and 2/3 of the lower lashline starting from the inner corner.

*Next i applied more light blue to lid.

*Next i took the Wet n Wild Coloricon pencil liner and traced the outer edges of where i applied the dark blue.

*Took a q tip and avon eye make up remover and cleaned up the edges.

*Applied white shadow to brow bone.

*Next I applied Cargo Swimmables Blue to my waterline.

*Then Maybelline Master Precise to my upper lashline.

*Lastly i applied the Blinc Mascara.

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